Monday, June 15, 2009

June Stitching Bee

The stitching bee this time around is made extra special with the presence of Shanny from Switzerland complete with Owen! We also had two new members who joined the bee for the first time - Alynn and Val!

I arrived slightly after 10.30am as I had to drop off Aiman at his art class first before making my way to Starbucks. When I got there, Margaret, Usha and her daughter, Rose, Alynn and her daughter, and Val were already there. Jo arived soon after that.

We were later joined by Paul, and Shanny arrived soon after that at slightly after 12.00 noon with Owen. Despite not feeling too well, Anna still came. Appreciate you coming, Anna! Thanks!

As soon as I got there, Margaret quickly passed me the lucky draw prize that I had won at Mel's new shoppe. Margaret also gave me a birthday present which were all ooh so lovely! I will tell more about what was in Mel's lucky draw bag, and Margaret's birthday present to me later.

Thanks, Margaret, for the gifts and thanks too for bringing Mel's gifts to me.

I passed on a small pouch I made for Rose.

No particular occassion for giving, only that Rose was asking me about the green crochet bag that I was working on, and I thought that the bag would be a nice gift to give her some idea of how I had worked my green yarns together. I don't want to reveal the bag that I was working on just yet though. *wink*

Usha brought along her lovely shawl that she was doing using the broomstick lace, and my, what a big `broom' she had! LOL! *wink*

Val also brought along a crochet piece to do, which I am made to understand she is also doing a bag.

Val, love the crochet book you brought! Time to visit again! LOL! *wink*

BTW, thanks too for the delicious cupcakes!

Rose brought something to do but lost the mood to do anything when something unexpected happened that morning (read her blog to know more). Margaret brought along a few lovely things to show, and she also took time to learn how to make crochet flowers from Anna.

Shanny was also learning to crochet from Val, but later moved on to learn how to make an ami from Paul.

Paul did not bring anything to do this time around though, as he said that he wasn't in the mood to do anything, but still, it was nice of him to join us. I wished you had brought the crochet bag that you were working on, Paul. I would have love to see the piece.

Alynn did not bring anything to do either. I think she was shy to show off her lovely work, but she was kept busy making sure her daughter did not get bored too quickly. *smile* She had prepared her daughter with loads of books! I would have done the same too had I brought Aiman! LOL! *wink*

We later found out that Alynn did bring along some yarns and a crochet hook to learn how to crochet but she was too shy to ask anyone to show her how to crochet, this being her first time meeting us with us in person.

Alynn, I will be more than happy to teach you crochet the next time we meet up. I will also bring along some cross stitch charts which I think I might never do, though when I bought it, I thought I would. *grin*

But, Alynn did bring something to show us - a bag she made using the bag kit she bought at Epal, and it's PINK!

Jo brought many bags to show us and we went goo goo gaga over all the lovely bags she made. There is so much that I want to learn from her, but, I just need to find the time to do so!

When Shanny came, she brought along lots of chocolates to share around. Thanks, Shanny!

While she got engrossed looking at all the lovely bags Jo made and was busy learning how to crochet, Paul was so kind to babysit Owen for a while when he took him to MPH. Alynn went to MPH too for a short while and bought herself two cross stitch mags.

BTW, Shanny brought along a very lovely crochet bag that Mel had given her, and Jo noticed her immediately from afar when she saw this lady carrying a crochet bag. LOL!

Shall we make the bag an NNC trademark? *wink*

Here's Paul opening up the posting prize he won at NNC for posting the 1,000th message in the month of May. Congrats, Paul!

BTW, I find Paul's camera and Val's handphone below with all the glitter so amazing, though I wouldn't want my handphone to be dressed that way. *wink* What will my staff and professional client think of me! LOL!

Soon it was time to leave. Usha was the first to leave as she had to attend a wedding. Rose left soon after that as she too had a wedding to attend. Soon after, Alynn left.

I had to leave at 2.00pm to pick up Aiman. When I left, Margaret and Anna were busy crocheting flowers, and Paul was teaching Shanny to crochet an ami. Val was still working on her bag.

I was later told that they all left at 2.30pm for lunch.

Thanks, everyone, for coming to the bee. Though the crowd was smaller than usual, I still had fun, and I hope so did the others.

I hope more will come next time which will most probably be at the end of July or early August.

Nice to finally meet Alynn and Val. Nice to meet all of you again!

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Biblo said...

Oh, I missed the bee again.... LOL!!! But don't think I can make it even if I know in advance... ^_*
Haven't visited NNC for the longest time...