Sunday, June 14, 2009

Feeling like a little girl……

Guess what? *grin*

I bought myself a birthday present and though I am a little embarrassed to say what it is, the present does make me feel excited, just like a little girl! LOL! *wink*

I bought me self a …err……a…eerr…. a BARBIE DOLL! LOL! Blush! Not just any Barbie Doll, but one that was born the year I was born!

When I saw it, I just couldn’t take my eyes off it, and the fact that it was born the same year I was born, made it even more special and significant and made me want to buy it even more! Not only that, it was just two days prior to my birthday when it was going on sale at The Curve, Kota Damansara, in conjunction with Barbie’s 50th anniversary, like it was meant for me to buy it! LOL! *blush*

Don’t ask me how much it cost as it will make me blush even more! LOL!

Anyway, I got excited all the way home looking at it. I think I really did look like a little excited girl with her new doll! LOL! My hubby must be thinking that I am going nuts on the eve of my birthday! LOL!

As if buying the Barbie doll was not enough to get me excited, I even got not one, but TWO free gifts! A Barbie pillow and a note book! Both are so sweet, though I’d be a little embarrassed to use the note book at work. LOL!

Maybe one of my nieces might want it? Hmm…or, maybe I could use it for my sketch pad, as I do love the notebook. It reminds me of my younger days while in the US, not that I remember much of the details except that I remember having a doll house which I love playing with my sister, Lin. It was a doll house we had, right, Lin?

My son asked me why I have not taken out the Barbie Doll to play with. *grin* I told him that I like to look at it in the box. He must find me weird! LOL!

I am keeping this Barbie as part of my Barbie collection, not that I have that many to begin with as I only buy the special edition dolls. But, I do hope to collect a few more just to satisfy the little girl in me….*wink*


Yoonie said...

Hi! Nik,

Can't help but notice that this Barbie has an uncanny resemblance of YOU!!! LOL!!!! Most probably also the reason why you got it. I love it! You deserve this toy!!!!

nikelin said...

yes, this doll reminds me of you...
Anyway, we had many Barbie collection, including Ken and Stacy and Alen. And yes, it was a doll house. Ahhhhhhh... those were the days ages ago.... 1968... we were probably the first Malaysians to own Barbies way back then.
Btw, keep the note book for memory.
And I have a secret. I also have my Barbie collection in my cupboard.

Za said...

Hi Mel! That's a first that someone says that I look like a doll! LOL! *wink*

Lin, your secret is no longer a secret, huh? LOL! *wink*