Thursday, June 11, 2009

A bag for June

Remember I gave a sneak peek of two bags about a month ago?

Well, today I will reveal one of the bags as the receipient, June, has received it yesterday, just in time for her birthday, which is today! Yippee!

Not bad, huh? I thought that I was going to be late as I had only mailed it out yesterday.

Anyway, here it is.....

When I was choosing the shades of blue yarns, the orange yarns kept calling out to me! LOL! I knew then that I was going to combine the shades of blue with the orange, as I could already picture it in my mind how it was going to look like. For some reason, I had a gut feeling that the combination was going to look great.

So, what do you think? Was I wrong? *wink*

June described it as scrumptious! LOL!

Here's a closer look at the store bought flower and the beads.

Here's a closer look of the beads, which I got the idea from Rose who has also been churning out bag after bag after learning how to make the bag from Sifu Mel too.

June, I hope that you will have loads of great time going stash shopping with the bag. You now own two AZNIQUE branded bags! LOL! *wink* Pass the word around, will ya? *wink*

By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, June!


busymum100 said...

I've lost count how many of these bags you have churned out! I've yet to try one.

These bags you made are love, and June is lucky to own one of it.

Happy Birthday, June, if you are reading this.

June said...

Yes, I'm the proud owner of this lovely bag. It was a wish and prayer answered as I was hankering for one ever since you gals took lessons from Mel. Lucky me!

I'll gladly and proudly do the free advertisements for you whenever someone stops me in my track to find out where I got the bag from. No worries.

Thanks, Sabariah. I read this.

snazzynsuch said...

congrats on your finishing... looking at the rate you making the bags.. you gonna lawan the tokey la.. huhuh...