Friday, June 19, 2009

Keep those postings comin’……

Over at NNC recently, I gave away two posting prizes to the members who hit the 50,000th posting at the board, and also to the 1,000th message posted in the month of May, 2009.

The winner of the 50,000th posting was Mel, while Paul posted the 1,000th message in the month of May. As Paul had won the posting prize before, I think this is his 4th win, so, when he won again, he was like calmly going, “Oh., ok. Thanks.” Instead of “Yippeee!” and then doing a happy dance like I did when I won the lucky draw at Mel’s Shoppe. LOL! *wink* Typical of someone that hardly wins anything, huh? LOL!

Anyway, here are the prizes which Mel and Paul won – the box in brown is for Paul, and the pink one is for Mel.

I wanted the things to be as different as possible so that I can keep it interesting for Paul, as I don’t want him getting the same things from me.

I just hope that both of them will like the things that I had packed up for them, and hope that they both will find some use for all the things in the package.

For Mel, I added something extra as a token of appreciation for teaching me how to crochet the bag which I have been crazy churning bag after bag lately and also for lending me the very expensive Clover crochet hook.

Thanks so much, Mel. I hope you noticed that I had attached the hook to the side of the box as I had forgotten to put it inside the box when I was packing up the box.

I have thus far bought my own in a set of 3, which cost me a bomb *grin*, but I really love the soft grip handle, and feel that the money I spent on them were well worth it.

Anyway, back to the Thank You gift that I made for Mel, it is actually a small pouch made in the same way as the big crochet bag, only very very much smaller, and I played around with adding buttons, a first for me in crocheting. *smile*

Thanks, again, Mel, and congrats to Mel and Paul, for winning the posting prizes! Do keep those messages coming!

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