Tuesday, June 02, 2009

In sickness and in health.....

Last Saturday, 30th May, 2009, Aiman woke up with a bad cough, followed with a high fever that did not subside despite sponging him all day and making him take a warm bath every few hours in an attempt to bring down his body temperature.

When at 9.00pm, his body temperature still remained at 40 degrees, we took him for another viist to the clinic, and his temperature finally went down after the doctor gave him a dose of suppository.

He managed to sleep peacefully through the night, but, at 5.00am the next day, his temperature spiked up again. Despite putting him under the shower for about 20 minutes, his temperature still did not come down. He instead developed a cold from being in the shower for too long.

It wasn't until after another dose of suppository in the late morning did his temperature finally went down, and, thank God, stayed down for the rest of the day.

Aiman started picking up his toys again to play by lunch time, and he was all perky again by late afternoon. Thank God.

However, I started having a coughing fit by late afternoon. I hardly slept that Sunday night as I kept waking up with a coughing fit. I would have taken the day off if not for the fact that I have a meeting which is to be chaired by Dato' Seri Utama Dr Rais Yatim, Minister of Information, Communication and Culture. I have no one else to attend the meeting on my behalf as most of my staff are either on holiday (it's the school holiday), or are attending the Senior Officers Meeting in Kuantan.

After the meeting, I picked up my son from my MIL's house and headed straight to the clinic and was given an MC for the rest of the day and for the next day. After taking the medication, I slept for most part of the day, letting my son watch the TV as he played on the floor next to the sofa where I slept.

I woke up at 6.00pm to find Aiman all fresh and clean. *grin* He had taken his bath without having me to tell him to do so, and he had looked for his own pyjamas! He knows that his mummy is sick and did not want to disturb me. *smile* He is such a good boy!

Even though I was on MC today, but I had to go in to the office for a while as I had a meeting to chair. It wasn't easy chairing a meeting with a bad sore throat and a coughing fit, but, thank God, I managed to get through the meeting.

I came home straight after my meeting and spent the rest of the day sleeping.

As if my getting sick after Aiman had just recovered from his fever is not enough, last night my hubby called from Kuantan where he was attending the Senior Officers Meeting to let me know that he too is not feeling too good, and might be coming back earlier than expected.

I just got up from my very long nap, took my bath and I am feeling slightly better though I still go into a coughing fit each time I try to talk.

My hubby just arrived from Kuantan, after picking up my son from his mother's house before coming home, and he too sounds very bad. He too has got the flu, and his voice also sounds very hoarse.

So, looks like the whole family is down with the flu, cough and cold. LOL! *grin* Now isn't that what you call in sickness and in health......? LOL!

I am just glad that at least Aiman is already well. It would have been worse if he is sick too, because he would need a lot more attention, and with both of us sick, it would be very difficult to take care of him and ourselves too. Thank God that he is better than both my hubby and I, though he is still coughing, but not as bad as us.

I just hope that everyone will recover quickly, as this being the school holiday, we have lots to do.


Natrah Norlin said...

i love your blog...really in love with it!!

Za said...

Hi Natrah!

Thanks for dropping by my blog! Nice to know that someone enjoys reading my blog. :)

BTW, love the knitted cardigan you made. Lovely!

Margaret wong said...

My wishes for your whole family to get well very soon, Nik. Lots of rest and take care!

Za said...

Thanks, Margaret!

I was back at work today to do a project presentation. It wasn't one of my best. In fact, it could be one of my worse with my bad sore throat. I just hope Dato' Rais Yatim will forgive me. *grin*