Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Like any other day except that......

...yesterday was my birthday!!!! OOppps! I just got a year older! *grin*

My day started out quite like any other day, except that before I could even catch my breath upon arriving at my office, the phone started ringing. No, not from my mum, but from my Director who asked why I am not in a meeting with him!

You see, this very early Monday morning meeting at 8.00am every week is supposed to be attended by my immediate boss, but I have been diligently attending this meeting on her behalf every week, as she always seems to have something on.

This week, I thought that she'd attend the meeting herself as I have a very urgent report to prepare for my Director General. Alas, she was on emergency leave, as thus, I am again called to attend the meeting on her behalf. *sigh*

I rushed to the meeting, and was glad that the meeting did not last longer than 1 hour. I rushed back to my office to continue doing my report. When my sister called me to wish me HAPPY BIRTHDAY, I had to tell her that I would call her back as I was on another line answering to queries by the Deputy Director General who wanted some clarification with regards to a certain project.

As soon as I was off the phone with him, I called back my sister, and together with my mum and brother, they sang me a birthday song over the phone! *blush* Thanks, Ma, Lin and Zan!

As soon as I put down the phone, the phone rang again and again and again non-stop after that as people were calling in asking for updates on projects, technical advice and many more other usual project management stuffs. Even when my brother, Ayis, called me, I could not answer his call. Sorry, Ayis. I finally only managed to speak to him later that night. He wanted to wish me HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thanks, Ayis and Sufia!

In the mean time, I was receiving quite a number of smses from friends wishing me HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Thanks, everyone!

Margaret, I can't wait for Saturday! *wink* Thanks, Chik, for your birthday call too! Hugs!

My day was so busy yesterday that I could not even stop to enjoy the day. I was like going back and forth discussing with my officers the report that had to be sent out to the DG's office before lunch time. When my staff popped in their heads in my office sometime around 12.30noon asking me to step out of the office for a while, I was like going crazy trying to get the report out that I think my mind was going fuzzy! LOL!

When I finally did step out of my office, I realised that my staff had bought a birthday cake for me - a BLUEBERRY CHEESE CAKE! Now isn't that nice!

Eventhough I still had not gotten the report out to the DG's office, I decided to take a breather for a while to enjoy the cake that they had bought and to give them my thanks for remembering my birthday.

BTW, the number of candles on the cake did not actually depict my age. My staff miscalculated, and thought that I am younger. LOL! *wink*

The cake was so yummyyy!! I could eat just that for lunch! LOL!

Actually, I should have taken more, because that was all that I had until late evening. Even when I went down to the cafetaria to buy myself Mee Soup at about 3.00pm, I only ended up eating it at 7.00pm when I got home.

I came home mentally and physically exhausted last night. I only managed to spend a short time with my hubby and son during a simple dinner of oven baked frozen pizza and leftover beef casserole, before I was almost falling asleep. LOL!

But, it wasn't before my son gave me a cute birthday card, and my hubby gave me a sweet birthday card. Thanks, Dia and Aiman! Hugs!

What? No special birthday dinner? LOL! We're saving the special dinner for the weekend! *wink* That way I can enjoy the dinner better! *grin*

Thanks, everyone, for all the birthday wishes!


Barbara said...

Happy Birthday Nik! Hope you have a great weekend!

Natrah Norlin said...

Happy Birthday...

Semoga dimurahkan rezeki dan panjang umur ..

Astrid said...

OMG! That cake looks so yummy! Never tasted that combination!

Biblo said...

Hey, happy belated birthday!!