Monday, January 16, 2006

Buy her perfume?

Harsha wrote : hey Nik.. try buying her a nice smelling perfume lah.. those mild ones LOL.. since she eally like to use perfume *grins*

LOL! Thanks, Harsha, but, no, I dn't think I'll buy her perfume. She will think that I had given her d green light to melaram pula. LOL! Nanti lebih lebih pula dia! I did buy her some nice smelling soap and new clothes when she first came, but her body odour is so bad, it actually camouflaged the sweet smelling soap!

She is actually one women who is simply lazy to take her bath, even after she had done housework and smells from sweat. When I told her to take a bath (after much pestering), she would put on back d same clothes she wore earlier (the one that smells from the perspiration)! I had to tell her to change into something fresh! Really!

She does not have enough clothes to wear, you say? I did just mention that I bought her new clothes when she first came because the few clothes that she brought with her was either very tight, short (where the tummy shows) or see-thru! Did she actually come to work as a maid or to work in a bar!!

And another thing.......she is simply lazy to wash her smelly clothes and would pile them up high in a basket on the floor that they were almost reaching the window sill. Add to that, her clothes smells and makes the whole room smelly! Really terrible! That is how bad this new maid is. *sigh* Even after I told her to wash her own clothes each time after she takes her bath in the morning, she still piles them up though not as bad. I don't have this kind of hygienic problem with my two previous maids.

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~Harsha~ said...

aiyyo aiyoo.. thats bad! If I were you, I'd probably looking for a replacement already LOL.