Sunday, January 08, 2006

Moments to treasure......

It is the new year and school has reopened. My hubby and I took leave the other day to send my son to school. Though this is his second year in kindergarten, but it was the 1st day at the new kindie. My MIL had moved to a new area, and the former school was simply too far away.

Although we wud have preferred for him to carry on at d previous kindie since we like the program there, it takes too long for him to get home. There were days when my son got home too tired that he refused to eat his lunch. Besides, the transport fee is also simply too high due to d distance.

Oh well....we have to move on...and my son is growing up too fast! Just d other day he asked us for a car.We thot he wanted a toy car, but, nooooo, he wanted a real life car!LOL! The reason? Abah drives too slow. He wants to go home quicklyso that he can get home sooner to play with his toys (that's thebaby in him! *grin*).He wants to take over the wheel! LOL! And last nite, I saw him`thinking' and when I asked him what was he thinking about, U want 2 know what he said? *wink* He was thinking of what type of car toget! When I asked him what car he wanted, he answered `would aVolvo do?'? ROTFL! I wanted to faint! *grin*

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