Wednesday, January 18, 2006

May I have patience........

I am groggy from lack of sleep again. Woke up early to `spy' on my maid to see if she did what she said she did. She said that she vacuums the carpet every Wednesday morning b4 she sweeps and mops the floor. But I don't remember ever hearing the sound of vacuumming on Wednesday mornings nor any mornings for that matter! LOL!

Why spy? Because the last time I commented that the floor was dusty, she said that she had already swept and mopped the floor, but when I swept the floor again, there were still lots of dust!

I think she probably did sweep the floor but only around the furniture. She does not move the furniture away to sweep underneath them. Whatever is underneath the furniture (including my son's toys) remains dusty, so when U sit at the dining table and pull the chairs away, your feet will get all black and dusty from dust. Get what I mean? So, I just need to see how she does her work myself, without her knowing that I am looking.

Oohh....she's good! Whenever I am around, she does things the way I had taught her (well, sometimes) to do, but the minute I am out of sight, she wud take short cuts to things. An example? The cleaning of my hot non-stick suacepan, for one. The other is when she washes the car. I have shown her how to properly vacuum the car. But d minute she thinks I am not looking, she will not vacuum the car, and hope that I will not notice it. When asked if she had vaccumed, she would say that she has. Try inspecting her work, and U can see sand, dust and dirt just the way it was b4 she supposedly vacuumed the car. Am I being fussy? Maybe, but my hubby is one person who is quite accommodating, but even HE has complained that she does not wash the car well.

When confronted with d question, "Nie kotor lagi nie?" (this is still dirty), and her answer would be, "oh..di situ belum lagi. Sabarlah!" (ohh..I haven't done this one yet. Be patient!). She's asking me to `sabar' (be patient)? She does not know how patient I have been with her. Each time I pray, I ask Allah to give me patience to deal with people like this. It is no wonder that some employers just slaps their maid when they cud no longer tolerate such behavior. May Allah forbid I ever do that. When the time comes for when I cud no longer tolerate, I will just have to be without a maid. *sigh*

Sorry that I have been blabbering a lot about my maid lately. I know I sound so fussy each time I blabber about my maid. I am hoping that I will no longer have to blabber about her anymore after this, for I am hoping that she will improve or I have begun to get accustomed to her faults.

I am still thankful that I do not have to deal with d trauma of a maid running away (like Ina's maid did), and may Allah prevent that from ever happening, insyaAllah. May Allah protect us all.

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- Azie - said...

I don't think U R fussy, its juz that U want her to do the chores the way U did (err it's sound like me too... LOL). I personally think, these maids need constant checking as they tend to 'curi tulang' whenever we're very lenient.