Monday, January 16, 2006

I am tired.....

..from lack of sleep due to stress which is not work related but rather, from maid problems. *sigh* Also I had to get up early this morning to cook breakfast for my son. I'll get back to that one later. *wink*

I am one of those people who just cannot stand the smell of perfumes, especially those strong spelling ones. They gives me the headaches.

A few days after my maid arrived, she started wearing perfumes (Did I tell you that she also wore make up d 1st few days here until I told her not to? *puzzled*). I told her not to put it on due to d headaches that it is causing me. As usual, she has to give me excuses. This time it is because she has a new bottle and wants to wear it. I told her NO! Just keep the perfume and wear it when she goes back to her home country.

You wonder why maids want to wear perfume. For goodness sake, they are working as a MAID, not at a perfume counter nor a factory! I just hope that she is not up to no good. May God protect us.

Anyway, back to the present day, last nite my maid wore the perfume again. I could smell it the minute I walked into the kitchen. By then she had already gone up to bed. I switched on the fan to let the smell out and went to bed.

This morning, the minute I opened the my bedroom door, *whiff!* the smell was even stronger! She had put on more! Gosh! I almost wanted to throw out! I had to open up all the windows downstairs and switch on all the fans to get the smell out! Has she forgotten that I had forbid her from wearing perfume, or was she purposely defying my instructions? She has done this before (defying my instructions), in fact, many times before. Sometimes I wonder if she is either simply dump or just simply trying to get on my nerves!

I now wake up early to cook breakfast for my son. Before this I would ask my maid to prepare sandwiches the night before or cook fried mee, kuey teow or fried rice in the morning. My son is bored of having sandwishes for breakfast everyday, and I can't trust my maid to prepare the breakfast in the morning anymore. This is also due to her defying my instructions.

I had clearly told her (many times) that after she is done frying the mee , kuay teow or rice, not to soak the non-stick pan immediately into the water since it will damage the non-stick surface, but to wait a while for the pan to cool. I told her to do other things like cleaning up the stove, watering the plants and getting my son ready for school. By then the pan would have been sufficiently cooled enough to be washed. But, does she listens? Nope! The minute she finishes frying, down it goes under the tap of running water! *sigh* Forget about asking her why she does it when I had clearly told her not to (soaking the pan). She probably has more than 1000 excuses ready to blurt them out to me! LOL!

Am I being too fussy? Maybe, but I think not, because my two maids before this could carry out my intructions with no problems. Actually, there were small problems with the maid before this one, but they were manageable ones. The previous one was simply too simple minded that she does not think further than what I tell her to do, so, I just assume that she knows nothing and teach her everything. Though hard at first to try to teach her everything, but at least, she would not go against any of my instructions.

The 1st maid was 1st class when it comes to work. She was simply efficient. I need only tell her to do anything only once. She has her own initiative to do work, but, alas, she does not want to work as a domestic help anymore when her contract expired, but instead wanted to try working in a factory. I wish her luck!

This present maid has worked for me close to 4 months already, but, still I am at the training stage because she keeps on going against my instructions. Every day I have to tell her to do this and that. I spend less time at my hobbies than I used to as when I had the previous maid because I now do all the cooking. She only helps with the preparation and the dishes. It takes me only 30 minutes to cook, but it takes her 1 hr just to prepare a simple meal of rice, fried chicken and mixed vegetables (the preparation part is not included because that is done much earlier). Why does it take her so long, you ask? Because she is not a multi tasker. When she boils eggs to make egg sandwishes, she stands by the pot waiting for the water to boil instead of doing other tasks while waiting. Duh! And she thinks she is smart! *grin*

*sigh* May Allah give me the patience to go through this.

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~Harsha~ said...

hey Nik.. try buying her a nice smelling perfume lah.. those mild ones LOL.. since she eally like to use perfume *grins*