Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I did it! Introducing.......

heheh..nothing great, really! LOL! *wink* I just started a new group at Yahoo! That is what I did. Yeah, told U it was nothing great, but I am excited just the same! *grin*

My purpose of starting the group? Oopps! BTW, the group is called Malaysian Crafters2Crafters, in short MyC2C, to be pronounced as my-see-to-see. U can get the link from the side bar of this blog.

Ok, back to my purpose. I have long been toying with the idea of selling some of my handmade craft products. It all started out quite simply because friends like my handmade cards, exclusive card blanks for cross stitch, tuck pillows and finishing work (thank you, friends, for all your support!). I thought why not turn my hobbies into something that can bring me some extra cash - to spend on more stash! LOL! *wink*

At the moment I only sell to friends. I thought of opening up the market a little bit to see if there are demands for my handmade craft products. I don't actually intend to make a living out of my hobbies, well, for now, at least, but who knows.....*wink*

I have been looking 4 venues on how to promote my crafts but couldn't find one that is simple enough (for someone that is not so IT savvy *wink*) and cheap enough too LOL! *wink* The other and more professional alternative is 2 actually set up a proper website, but I want to test the waters first before I go head on into doing so (setting up a website).

I have already set up a webshot album to showcase my works and craft products. I just need to tell more people about it. One is to promote it here. The other is to set up a group where other like-minded people (Wendy, I know you may be reading this, so you are included in the like-minded people category *wink*) can come together to share their passion and at the same time, look for supplies which they would need for their craft projects, or simply need a handmade card to send to their love ones.

That is what MyC2C is all about - a place where buyers meet sellers for craft supplies. I am hoping for more buyers than sellers, but I wouldn't mind if there are equal numbers of both. It will create more interest and I hope that the group will grow and progress into something that will benefit all parties involved.

Here's wishing myself GOOD LUCK! *wink*


linda jamaen said...

Nik, I am with you all the way on this project! Good Luck to both of us!

biblo said...

Well, good luck to both of you and me too!!