Friday, January 20, 2006

Oh dear!

Mona and Linda just told me that the gym in Taipan is only opened for pre-registration! The gym will only be fully operational in June 2006! Oh dear! Oh dear! Oh dear! What am I supposed to do? The wedding is in 3 weeks time! I am going to be bulging here and there if I don't lose SOME weight! LOL! *grin*

Hmmm........btw, I only had salad for lunch today. Will that help? *wink*

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nik elin said...

My dearest little sister,
I have never exercised in my whole life. OK, once, and that was the first and last. Exercise spoils your body, at least it did mine. (However, doing Kiegel exercises are permissable). Dieting is something I avoid as well. But after having 5 kids and at the age of 44 going on 45, I realised that the only way to slim down is
Not drinking plain water.
Honest. I dont drink while I eat unless its fruit juice, and yes, I love fruit juice with syrup or sweetener.
Let me explain, Take a glass of water. Pour it over your rice or bread. What happens to the rice or bread? It bloats, right? It expands.... that's exactly the situation in your body. So what you should do is eat anything you want, but dont take water until everything in your stomach has settled in. When you take fruit juices, its acidic.... it processes your makes your food digest easier.
So dont bother dieting or exercising. You waste your money. Further, if you start, and then stop exercising just for a moment, your body muscle becomes flab.....
So I think you should rethink.
BTW, I also love walking (use flat heeled slippers instead of running shoes). Walking just a few metres is sufficient. That should trim you down. The other tip I would highly recommend is to wear a slimming belt to work. This investment costs only RM9.00 and you can find it at Watsons. Buy two and use both under your Baju Kurung. Try it for a week. You will sweat and feel uincomfortable at first, but once you have achieved your desired figure, stop wearing it. You would also get bruisings and itchiness at first.
So thats 3 tips I have given you. Good luck on your crusade