Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Shame on me!

It was my hubby's birthday on January 9th (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAR! Love U! Muaaah!) but I did not get him a birthday pressie. My excuse? I was so preoccupied with things that has gotten me all stressed out, that I forgot to go out lunch time to buy him d gift! Shame on me!

Anyway, took him out to lunch on Monday, Jan. 9, at the DOME, Midvalley. The food is nothing much to shout about, but what is important is the company..MY COMPANY! LOL! *wink*

My son kept reminding me about abah's birthday all day Sunday. He wanted to buy abah something, but alas, my husband had a bad case of food poisoning all weekend, and my son came down with the flu!

See what I mean when I said that I kinda got myself in stressful situations? *wink* and I haven't even began to tell U the latest about my maid! LOL! Never mind that.....will tell U about that at a more suitable time and mood! For now, I am just in the mood to surf, looking for ideas on how to set up my eshop! *wink* Sounds like I am really serious about this, huh? *wink*

In case I forget, tomorrow is my niece's 14th birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KUYA! My, U sure are growing up too fast!

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