Wednesday, January 11, 2006

How do I start tee......

Hmmmm...I have been thinking about this for some time but not being an IT nerd, I have to learn everything the hard research, ask silly questions, those sort of thing. *wink*

But, after chatting with a few friends (thanks Mona, Linda and Wendy for being so patient with me with all those silly questions!), as a start I have decided to inform visitors to this blog that I have a webshot album that features some of my work, which some are available for sale. U just need to send me an email asking for the price and postage charges.

I hope to one day set up my eshop (when my brother is free enough to set one up for his dear sister - which will have to be after his upcoming wedding in January, then his honeymoon, but hopefully, not after his wife delivers with their 1st child! LOL! *wink*).

I want to give this a try (selling my handmade products) because it has been something I had always wanted to try my hands on. I have always told my hubby that I am creative at coming up with handmade stuff, but I need him to do d sales for me since I am kind of shy! *wink* I want to be able to share my passion with people who appreciate things that are painstakingly put together.

So, friends, do drop by my webshot album at

I will be updating the album from time to time. Do come back often. Once my eshop is up, I will definitely put up a post!


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