Monday, March 20, 2006

My weekend

I don't remember ever posting anything here about a weekend that I just went through...hmm....wonder why?...Heck, there is always a 1st time for everything, right? *grin* Anyway, I decided to put on record what I did LAST weekend, because I think I am starting to get a little forgetful.

I think it has something to do with the fact that I now have to remember more things, when it comes to the domestic front, which last time, was taken care of by my previous maid. Now, I have to remember things like "don't forget to switch off the iron", "don't forget to switch off the boiler", "don't forget to bring in the shoes", "don't forget to bring in my son's school things", "don't forget to water the plants", "don't forget to lock the door", and so many more!

Yeah! They are all routine things but this current maid needs to be constantly reminded all the time, and my mind is constantly kept preoccuppied with things like these that I tend to forget other more important things. *sigh*

Just the other day, I spent the whole morning looking for two magazines which I had bought for Cheeze. I simply cannot remember if I had mailed them out to Cheeze or not. It seems like I have a memory block on this incident. I can't seem to find the magazines at home, and yet, I cannot remember mailing them out either. *sigh* I wish I have a camera installed in the house (only at certain places..*wink*), so that I can play them back should I need to recall a certain day that I cannot remember. I think this should be good too to `spy' on my maid to see if she is doing things the way she is supposed to, and also if she is up to things she shouldn't be doing, though may Allah jauhkan.

Anyway, back to my weekend....I do love to blabber, don't I and get so easily off-track! LOL! I had quite a productive weekend (in terms of stitching) but it got punctured here and there with headaches and stress with the maid.... again (so, what's new? *sigh*).

I completed two more L*K Stamp-it months, as U can see from my posting before this. I am progressing well on the Stamp-it that I actually took time off to prepare for yet another new project! LOL!

Yup, on Saturday nite, I stayed up way past midnite to prepare for an RR I am doing with two other members at Malaysian Stitchers. I did the tacking (for the areas meant 4 my partners to stitch) and actually started stitching. I am glad I did not go that far that nite (got too sleepy), for the next day, I realised that I had stitched on 16ct aida instead of 14ct like the 3 of us had agreed to do on.

No wonder I was like squinting my eyes last saturday nite looking 4 d holes to poke in the needles! LOL! *wink* Age is really catching up on me! LOL! Can't seem to run away from it anymore!!!!..or was it because it was late in the nite that I could not see the holes?..heheh...still in denial...LOL! *wink*

Anyway, Sunday morning was spent re-preparing (is there such a word? *grin*) for the RR, and I am quite happy with the progress, though I know I could have progressed more if not for the headaches that kept coming back throughout the day yesterday.

I hope to report more on the RR, and of course, the progress of my L*K Stamp-it, which I hope to complete very soon, as soon as I can get the threads which I have ran out of.

Here's wishing everyone a good week ahead. Happy stitching!

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