Sunday, March 05, 2006

Works in Progress (WIP)

I started this many many years ago, but after awhile I got bored (Geminians! *grin*) ! LOL!

See what I mean when I say that I need to get the L*K Stamp-it completed quickly before my boredom creeps in? *wink*

This design is from Cross Country Stitching October 1996. I am very very keen on completing this and hope to do it sometime this year. Let's just hope I dn't get distracted with other projects first! LOL!

This one is also another piece done almost 3 years ago! *gulp* It is called Kimono Row by Design Works. I wanted 2 do a Stitch-a-long (SAL) with Ee Koon who is doing the same piece, but she beat me to it. She got hers done in under 6 months! Wow! Now I am ashame!! *head hung low*grin*

My 3rd WIP is a project I started sometime last year. I bought the chart when I was in Penang for a meeting and drop by Tammy's, thanks to Ina who was gracious enough to bring me around.

It is clock chart. I bought it after seeing so many nice cross stitch clocks at Tammy's and immediately wanted to do one. The chart looks pretty easy to do (don't judge the simplicity or complicatedness of the design just by looking at the chart! LOL!), so I thought I could get it done in no estimate was one month. It is coming close to a year already! LOL!

It actually has so many colours, and the pinks are almost similar that when I stitch at nite, I tend to get confused! LOL!

After listing down my WIPs (which I have long been wanting to do in order to take charge of all my unfinished works), I realised that these are my only WIPs - only 3 - for now, at least! *grin* Isn't that great? Before this I thought I had about close to 10! It sure felt like I had so many unfinished works! LOL! Maybe I have not rummaged enough through my craft room? Maybe if I dig further, I might just find more! LOL!

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vEr0n!c@ said...

They're all coming along nicely, even though a bit slowly :p I especially love the pattern from Cross Country Stitching.