Sunday, March 05, 2006

September is done!

Yipee! I am happy to rreport that I completed my 8th Stamp-it (September) in eerr.....shall I say, record time?

I started on this Stamp-it last Sunday, 26 February, 2006, and completed it 7 days later! Happy! Happy! Happy! I now have 4 more to go!

I am now working on my July Stamp-it and hope to get that done in record time too! *grin*

I think I need to quickly finish this series bcoz I am really itching to start on a new project! LOL! Also, my interest on this project is starting to that the right word? Or shall I say, I am starting to get bored! Oopppps! I am in trouble! LOL! *wink*

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