Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Flat Fold cum Notebook

I said in my earlier posting that in the year 2004 I was involved in so many exchanges. One of them is a FLAT FOLD Exchange. If not for this exchange, I think I would never have known what a flat fold is. I still don't know what is the purpose of it till today, except as an ornament, so, when I did mine, I made it dual purpose - a flat fold cum note book.

I don't know if Aida, my partner for the exchange, is still using it, but I had fun experimenting and trying out so that it is not just an ornament for show, but useful too.

In exchange, I got a very lovely flat fold from Mona, my partner, which she stitched using overdyeds. I will post photos of it as soon as I can get hold of a camera. It is gorgeous!

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