Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I have come a long way......

Zalita, or better known as Cheeze among our stitching friends, wrote in her blog that yesterday, 12 March 2006, was the 1st anniversary of her blog. Congrats, Cheeze! That made me want to find out when did I 1st started blogging, or rather, when did I 1st set up this blog.

I didn't realise that it has been more than a year since I started up this blog in January of 2005, on the 12th, to be exact, with my 1st posting. But I didn't post again until 6 months later with my 2nd posting in July, 2006. Even then, that posting was actually abstracted from a Yahoo Group I frequented during the fever (It's coming back! *wink*) , which I would sometimes give my opinion on matters that affects my feelings. Can you guess what the subject is about? *wink* Click on the this link to find out! *wink*

I started this blog upon introduction by Cheeze when she 1st started blogging at Blogdrive. Later she moved to Modblog and used that as the learning ground to get familiar with the world of blogging. Much later she moved again, this time to Blogspot for personal preferences, where she has been since. I started at Blogspot from day one and have been faithfully here since. There was a lot to learn about the world of blogging and the HTML, and I am still learning, but I had help from a lot of my stitching friends who were already bloggers. Thanks, everyone! Heheh..my blogging also got my nieces, mum and sister to blog too! *grin*

I have always been a keen writer and have always been interested to put my thoughts to paper, well, blogging isn’t actually putting thoughts to paper, but thoughts into the virtual medium, but, that’s pretty close because I could always make a print out from a page of my blog.

Many years back when I was the Chief Editor for the news bulletin at my former office, I had a medium to let loose my thoughts and ideas. After I was transfered back to the head office 5 years ago, I lost the medium where I could unload my feelings, thoughts and ideas on matters that is close to my heart. I felt restless for I needed to express myself (must be the writer in me. LOL!). I wanted to share, not necessarily to a specified audience, but to anyone who wishes to hear and read about what I have to say. Blogging was the answer to my restless heart! LOL! *wink*

I sometimes have a lot to say which sometimes can get me into trouble *wink* because sometimes I can be easily misunderstood even for my most innocent statement. You see, reading someone else’s thoughts are nothing like hearing the person him/herself speak him/her mind with the correct intonation. You know from the expression and intonation of that person as to whether that person is serious or just making a joke.

Even the use of emoticons cannot replace in total the actual expression and intonation of a person saying his/her thoughts in person. I always have to be careful with my expression, thus, I always use *wink* to indicate to the reader that I am joking or kidding, and I use a lot of “LOL!” in my postings too to depict that I am laughing at my own joke/writing/experiences with the hope that the person reading my blog will laugh with me and not take too seriously things which I find funny and never meant to hurt anyone, for I am a very sensitive person.

I have come a long way......and I still have a long way to go......may my friends and families join me on this journey of my thoughts, feelings and experiences, for we may learn from one another.........

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Keep on blogging! I seldom comment your postings but I love to read them *wink*