Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Has it come to this?

I no longer enjoy staying home because I end up getting more stressed out at home than I am at work!

Each time I am at home, be it during the weekends, or weekdays (when I take leave), I end up being stressed out, compliments from my maid! *sigh* I so much want to just take a few days off to spend some time with my son, take him out on outings or just simply spending quality time with him. Maybe do some stitchings too in between! *wink* But after a few incidents where I end up getting all stressed out, I dread staying home. I can no longer enjoy staying home. That is BAD, isn't it?

Today, I am down with the flu. I had a long day yesterday, waking up as early as 4.00 am to get ready for my 7.30am flight to Kuala Terengganu. I couldn't get an earlier flight back and had to settle for the 9.20 pm flight via AirAsia, arriving only past 11.00pm.

Today I am at work since I have a few meetings all lined up. I have a few more meetings lined up too until the end of the week, and look forward to the weekend, but, at the same time, I am dreading it.

In fact, I am even dreading going home early today. I am not feeling well, and just want to go and pick up my son, my maid and try to get home early so that I can get some rest before I start preparing dinner, but already I am not looking forward to it, bcoz every day there is something that she will do that will get me all stressed out.

Don't believe me? Just the other day I took out my son and my maid to Pusat Sains Negara. We were there only slightly over an hour, but, even within that short period, my maid could actually strike up a conversation with the cleaners (also frm her home country) and within minutes they (both females, thank God!) were like holding hands as if they hv known each other for ages! Goodness gracious!

My previous maids hv striked up conversations too with people frm their home country whenever I bring them along to clinics, supermarkets or many other places, but never the way this maid goes about `making conversations'. I really can't explain it, but there is something about this maid that is different from the other two. Well, ok, naturally, everyone is an individual, but, sometimes U can `read' them and understand them, but this one.......

Every Hari Raya, I bring my maid (including the two previous ones) to the same relatives' house..well, basically. While we spend time eating and chatting up with relatives frm near and far, my maid would usually be in the kitchen (unless I tell her to feed my son) to help out or just make conversations with the relative's maid.

At the end of these visit, my relatives would usually just give my maid some `duit raya'. This is the usually routine every raya. End of story. But, with this maid, she not only get `duit raya', but also packets of cookies, cakes and drinks. Is she telling our relatives that we are not feeding her?

I feed my maid well. My two previous maids go home a few extra kilos heavier, maybe more. They go home with chubby cheeks. They eat what I cook and eat. We eat burgers, they eat burgers too. We eat spaghetti, they eat spaghetties too. We eat Chicken Rice, they eat Chicken Rice too. If my hubby and I eat out, we never fail to bring back our maids some packed food.

My two previous maids also strike up conversations with our immediate neighbours' maids, but they never pass food to each other. This maid gets food passed from other neighbour's maids. Is she starved for food? There are planty of food in the house. I only request that she tells me if she wants to eat food other than what I have prepared. Cookies are a plenty.

I can't put a finger to it, but this maid is of a different species........


mamavespa said...

I'm sorry to hear ur problem with ur maid. In my opinion she is no longer want to work with u. Sebab tu dia saje cari pasal. If u really cannot stand with her attitude, better u buang dia sebelum jadi perkara lain..Just my opinion..Kita hire maid utk menyenagkan kita bukan utk menyusahkan kita..

whitecalla said...

I had only 1 good maid out of 4..and was so fedup that I gave up engaging maid careful when maid starts acting up. Possibility to have her change for another one with the agency ?
Better bring this up with the agency. Just a thot..Nik