Wednesday, March 01, 2006

She annoyes me....

..or shall I say, she is irritating?

Yes, my maid irritates me! Will I have the patience to wear out the contract? It is another one and a half years before her contract expires. Sometimes I think she purposesly wants to irritate me. Either that, she simply has a very bad attitude problem, and probably....eerr......shall I say, very unintelligent? I dn't particularly want to use the `d' word.

My maid is very very very forgetful. She cannot even remember routine things like switching off the iron when done with the ironing, switching off the water boiler before retiring for the nite, bringing in my hubby's work shoes each time we come back from work, watering the plants, that sort of thing. I have told her several times already which uniform my son wears on what day to school (he wears sports attires on Tuesdays and Thursdays), but come every Tuesday, she will ask me again. *sigh*

I have to keep on reminding her on what to do......almost every day! It is like she has only started working for me only last week at the rate I am telling her what to do, but the fact is, she has been here close to 6 months already! I almost sound like `berleter' now, and I dn't like that!

I do not mind having to tell her daily what to do, if only she takes critism and reminders well. She doesn't! She gets all defensive and tells me in her mumble jumble mother tougue that she is not forgetful (hehhe...did I understand her language? *wink*)....simply put, she goes mumbling to herself whenever I remind her that she has not done this or that. She gives me an annoyed look each time I remind her anything that she has forgotten. Like as if I have no right to remind her and that she has every right to be mad with me for reminding her!

Last night, when again she forgot something that I had earlier told her to do, I told her that despite being young, she is as forgetful as an old person, and I said that in a joking manner. U know what? She had the cheek to answer me back by saying "Memang tua pun!" (You are right! I am old!), in a very annoying and defensive voice! When I told her not to answer me back (menjawab), but just to respond with a 'yes', she gave me a grunt.

This morning, when I called out to her to bring in my son's school things into the car, U wanna know what she did or did not do? She decided not to answer me! Yep! Because I told her last nite not to `menjawab'!!!!! uuurrgghh! I had to call her like 5 times before I finally got a grunt like sound coming frm deep inside her throat!

Also, this morning when I told her not to bring along certain things to my MIL's house without my prior permission (she had packed up some dirty clothes of mine which she shouldn't, to my MIL's house - according to her - to wash them), she gave me another grunt! This is so annoying and irritating! Uuurghhh!

Gosh! How much longer can I take this? My work is stressful enough. I dn't need anything more to add to that stress! Please, God, give me patience........

Niesa wrote: I think u shoud list down the job description

My response: I did. In fact, I wrote a whole weekly timetable that lists down everything that she has to do each day from morning to nite. Does she look at it? U guessed it..she didn't!

When I 1st gave it to her after a month of working for me (after so many 'forgetful' events), she does not even want to look at it, saying that she doesn't need such time tables because she will remember. The timetable also lists down ingredients for food I cook regularly, yet she still does not remember for she refuses to take a look at it. To her, I suppose, the timetable proves her lack of memory and probably is demeaning to her, thus her reluctance to refer to it. *sigh*


mamavespa said...

I think u shoud list down the job description.

Sufia & Nik Fariz said...

Did it ever occur to you that she might not be able to read? My maid cannot read and therefore we cannot write her a list..