Monday, March 06, 2006

My say.....

I watched Anugerah Bintang Popular 2005 last weekend at my mother-in-law's house. I missed the award for the best male radio presenter, but was hoping that one of the K&K (Khairil & Kieran) from Radio Era would get it. I enjoy their breakfast antics everyday as I travel to work, and was a tinged disappointed that they lost to Halim Othman instead. *sigh*

Yeah! There have been times when I do get bored of listening to the same old songs being played over and over again, but I never bore of listening to their (K&K) fun antics. Definitely much more than I enjoy listening to Halim Othman! They make a good team, K&K, better than when Khairil was being partnered with Halim.

Most of the time, when one of them calls in sick or is on leave, the morning drive to work just isn’t the same, and I think I am not the only one who feels that way. There has been callers who call in complaining why one or the other has to take leave for the breakfast show just isn’t the same with just ONE of them. The K& K team is not complete!

To me, Halim is too full of himself (oops! Sorry fans of Halim Othman, but this is MY say!). Yeah! I know, just because he is handsome, or so he thinks (yeah, I won’t deny it – in a way he does have the looks, but my vote would still go to K&K when it comes to the joy of listening), it sometimes gets to his head in the way he presents himself. This is MY say….. it puts me off listening to him!

Radio Era works hard to promote K&K, because throughout the day, you would be able to catch snippets of the breakfast show, but, unfortunately not enough to garner enough votes to win the prestigious award. It is always the handsome or the pretty ones that win, never the talented. *sigh* Our general public has yet to mature when it comes to the voting game. They simply vote for who they like, not for who they think has the talent. Yeah, don’t let me start on last year’s Akademi Fantasia. That really irks me. LOL! *wink* I think my mum will see RED if I say something not nice about her idol - not that I have anything to say. If I do, I have said it all last year….! LOL! *wink*

True, Anugerah Bintang Popular IS a popularity contest, so I guess K&K will find it hard to win 4 as long as Halim is still very much in business, and for as long as he stays charming in so many women’s books! LOL! But, I hope that one day either one of them, if not both, will still one day win an award for their efforts and fun antics!

I now listen to Radio Era more for K&K than for any other reason. If not for them, I would probably have long migrated to other radio stations for I feel that Radio Era is kind of bias when it comes to playing songs on its radiowaves.

It has not been particularly fair to the other AF kids who I think have potential too. Instead they only play songs that bring them `money', so to speak. They play songs which they think will keep them in the top spot as the most listened to radio station in the country - for now. I guess that is the game of business. Money accounts 4 everything! *sigh* But, watch out, Radio Era, for if you go on like this, many more listeners of Radio Era will slowly start migrating to other radio stations, for shear frustrations, because they feel that they are not getting what they want in radio listening.

I have heard songs by Kaer (AF2), Zarina (AF2), Elliza (AF3) and a few others, being played at and, and they are good too, if not better, than the so called 'talent' and phenomenal success of last year's AF champion. *wink*

Again, this is MY SAY.....

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A n i z a said...

i listen to the morning crew " Rudy & JJ" of those morning kaypohchee feeds me on my way home after sending my kids to school ;-)