Saturday, July 01, 2006

WIP and a piece of art

Just a short posting because it is getting late..well, by my definition it is late! LOL! Yup, it's almost 1.00 am, and I am still tapping the keyboard. It is about the only time at home that I can update my blog - when my son is fast asleep. I can think better. My flow of thoughts doesn't get interrupted every 5 minutes! LOL!

Anyway, here's a peek into the progress of my "NO FROGGING ALLOWED" project. This photo was taken a few days back. I have progressed just a little bit more, though not much. I got distracted by my latest craze - hardanger! LOL! Simply could not put the hardanger project down coz I keep wanting to try out new things/stitching even though I have not learnt the whole method yet from Ee Koon. Ilmu belum cukup! LOL! But, already eager to advance! LOL!

I am meeting Ee Koon again this Saturday. Hopefully, she can pull herself out of bed just slightly earlier than last week so that we, rather, I will have more time to learn! LOL! Jangan marah, Ee Koon! *wink* Will post more progress as I learn more from Ee Koon.

In the mean time, here is a snapshot of my son's latest artwork which he produced during his 3rd lesson. The title says ANIMALS. Yup, that's a dog and a peguin. *proud mummy smiling* Though he hasn't quite got the shape right just yet, as a mother, I am still proud of his work, none the less.

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Barbara said...

The colours of Aiman's drawings are so lively. I think he is coming along nicely with his drawings.

I like childrens' drawings. You know those on UNICEF postcards. I've just got an idea Nik, print Aiman's drawings onto cards/postcards and send them for the Raya holidays to your family and friends. Aiman will be overjoyed!!