Thursday, July 13, 2006

How time flies.......

My last posting was more than a week ago! How time flies! You know the saying "How time flies when U are having fun"? But, no, I wasn't having fun!

I had a bad sore throat on Thursday and it affected my overall general health. I couldn't sleep well, waking up every couple of hours with a coughing fit. I was glad that the doctor gave me medical leave on Friday, coz if I had gone ahead to wrok, I would have looked like a zombie! LOL!

I spent the morning on Friday, stitching and the afternoon to sort out and organize the guest bedroom since my mum is in town. I have been wanting to take leave so that I can clean up the bedroom and organize things around, but work in the office has been so hectic, that there was no way I could take a leave of absence from work. But, as God would have fated it, my body needed to rest, but no way would I be able to be take leave with my present work load, unless I got to be too sick to come to work. Nope, I did not fake the sore throat. LOL! I just woke up on Thursday morning croaking! LOL! I think I was already too stressed out! *grin*

This week is no different. It's been hectic, with meetings that last till past 6pm almost daily. I have been coming home so late, all tired out, I can't even lift a needle. My stitching is just staring at me. My JE SAL with Barbara is not coming along as fast as I had hoped it would. Barbara had just posted her progress and I am no where near her progress. *sigh*

I hope to catch up on some stitching this weekend. I hope I will hv some free time to myself to do some of my own things. I know I won't be having much time of my own in 2 weeks time bcoz I plan to resit my PTK Ujian paper this coming August, not because I did not do well, but because I just wanted to improve the results. Wish me luck!

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Concetta said...

Hiya. :) Thank you for commenting on my blog the other day! I've just answered your question regarding the "Winter into Spring" design on a post at my blog just now. I hope it helps.