Monday, July 03, 2006

It's D day!

Huh? What day? Heheh....the day to start the Joan Elliot Stitch-A-Long (JE SAL)! Finally, the long awaited time has arrived! However, I did not start mine until Sunday, 2nd July coz I had a very busy Saturday.

In the morning, as usual, I was at Bangsar Village for Aiman's art class. Met up with Ee Koon for my 2nd class on hardanger. Wow! I learnt the cutting part! It was `scary'! LOL! *wink* Ee Koon, cikgu yang garang! *WINK* She gave a small 'scream' when I almost wanted to cut the wrong thread! LOL! heheh........but, coz M such a good *wink*student, teacher Ee Koon cooled lah, Ee Koon, gurauaje....*grin* U are a good teacher **smile*, and M a fast learner, or M I? *wink* I have advanced a little bit more since the 2nd class.

In the evening, after my son took a short nap, we were on our way to Chatters. Raelised that Chatters is just a short drive away from my house! LOL! *duh* When I got to Chatters, the class was well in progress. M probably the only non-tatting student there, or, shall I say, yang menyibuk! LOL! Admired all the lovely tatting pieces did by Faizon. Did not chat much with Faizon nor Emily coz they were buzy tatting along, but managed to catch up with Mona, whom I have not met in months, maybe a year already!
At 6 pm, everyone packed up and left, except for Mona, Azie, Jo and myself (and, of course my son too) for we went shopping at a car booth Linda's car, in front of Chatters! I didn't buy any (this time around, and not yet! *wink*) coz, as usual, I prefer to browse and sleep over it! *wink* Maybe the next time Linda comes over to my house?

It was good to meet up with Faizon, Emily, Mona, Jo, Linda and Azie.Wish I had more time to get to know Faizon and Emily better. Maybe the next time.

BTW, here's another progress - my frog project. Looks like this is gonna have to take a back seat for a while now that I have started on the JE SAL.


Concetta said...

Your hardanger is beautiful! I've never had the guts to try it YET... I hope I will one day. :)

Za said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog, Concetta! Thanx, too for ur compliments on my hardanger! *smile* Do tell/leave a comment when U do someday try ur hands on hardanger!