Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I've got the jitters!

Yup! The jitters are back!

The exams are two weeks away, and I can't help but feel the jitters all over me! LOL! It's like as if I am sitting for my Malaysian Certificate of Examination (MCE) some 25 years ago! LOL! This is crazy! And this is not the 1st time I am sitting for this exam. I sat for it last year in November, and passed, thank God.

I know that I should already be thankful with the results I already got, but I am resitting the papers again to improve my results, and further more, I had encourgement from friends, and especially my hubby who is taking the exams for the 1st time this year. He has to attend the whole course which is a week long, which includes assignments, public speaking (malay and english) and paper presentation. I wish him luck. I wish us both luck. I have confidence in my hubby. I wish I have confidence in myself too! LOL! But, M sure, with encouragement from friends and family, I should be doing ok, if not great! *wink*

Anyway, friends, do wish me luck! Wud sure appreciate it! Thanks! *smile*


mamavespa said...

Good Luck Nik. Saya pun nak re-sit PTK exam jugak (Paper Umum) Dah duak kali ambil belum lagi dapat Aras 4... Paper Khusus dah lepas dah...

whitecalla said...

All the best to you and not forgetting your hubby too, Nik
~ Lillie

Za said...

Thanks, Lillie and Niesa, for the Good Luck wishes!

Good luck too to Niesa for her upcoming PTK exams!