Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A piece by Paula, Doris and Nik! *wink*

A quick note on this one.

The piece is designed by Paula Vaughn, stitched by Doris, and I may add, at a very fast pace! LOL! And the finishing is done by me! *grin* How's that for a collaborated piece of art? LOL! *wink* Although I can only take credit for the finishing, I am, never the less, proud to be a part of this lovely piece of work, albeit a very small part. I hope I had done justice to this lovely piece with my humble finishing work.

Doris had met up with Paula on one of her annual trips to the United States (how I envie her!). She met up with Paula last year and Paula had kindly presented her a book featuring beautiful pieces of flower designs and had asked that Doris stitch at least one of the designs from that book.

Doris had lovingly stitched this beautiful piece and had asked me if I would do her a favour to finish it off into something that Paula could use and keep. I told her I'd be honoured.

Looking at d piece, despite the flowers being kind of a fushcia colour, I decided on dark green as the main colour for the cushion cover, picking up from the lovely greens of the leaves. I figured it would bring up the stitched piece more than if I had gone ahead with a fushcia coloured cotton. I think I made the right decision. Don't U think so? *wink* I think it really brought up the piece and did justice to Doris' lovely stitched piece and Paula's beautiful design.

I hope both Doris and Paula will love the finish product, as much as I had enjoyed finishing it for Doris.

Do send Paula my regards, Doris, when U hand deliver the piece to Paula in August. You think U cud get Paula to give me an autograph copy of the flower book from which the design had come from? It wud be a nice momento for me. *wink* Now how's that for a hint! LOL!

Did I just say it was going to be just a quick note? *grin*

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whitecalla said...

I think you have made the right choice
of color. The green truly brings out the
design. Its beautiful, am sure Paula
will be the happiest.