Monday, July 03, 2006

A productive weekend!

When my hubby said that he had to work last weekend, and compounded to that, it is to be outstation, my 1st reaction was "Oh no! Can I cope without him?" It will be the 1st full weekend that I will be very much on my own since we have been without a maid.

We had agreed that he would babysit our son while I go for the Stitcher's Meet at Chatters on Saturday, and there was the swimming lesson on Sunday. I also hate cooking just for myself. I felt cooking just for me and my son is not worth the effort. U know, the preparation part, the cooking, and later the cleaning up? I might as well buy. My son is happy just eating kuew toew goreng kerang, nothing fancy. Love him for that! He is just like his abah! Not too fussy when it comes to food. But, my son is also not too adventurous when it comes to food. that good or bad? *scratching my head*

Anyway, back to my weekend story, my hubby was worried that I might get bored just staying home. Men! They just don't understand that women cannot get bored staying home if they have loads of household chores to do! LOL! But, as it turned out, I had a very productive and satisfying, albeit, tiring weekend!

I told my hubby when he told me that he had to work on the weekend that Allah wants to test me, and see if I have the strength and courage to handle things on my own, to prepare me for the time when he might have to work outstation for longer periods of time. Well, I managed to do my usual household chores and more, alhamdullillah, thank God! I hope I had passed the test!

Anyway, back to my weekend report, besides the Saturday event that I have reported earlier, I thought that I wud have some time to myself on Sunday to start on the JE SAL, but, alas, it was not meant to be!

Usually my hubby takes my son 4 his swimming lessons on Sundays, but with him outstation *sob*, I had to take over the man's job. *grin* We left at 11.30am in time 4 his 12 noon class. I decided to bring along my hardanger, hoping that I will be able to put in a few stitches. M glad I did, coz I found a fairly shaded spot by the wading pool, where my son was having his lessons.

I actually managed to finish the piece I was doing! Hardanger is such a mobile hobby coz all I needed to bring was 2 colours of thread, a scissors, hoop and, of course the piece to be stitched.

I managed to stitch for about half an hour when I had to stop coz it started to get too hot, and also, one of the kids, a boy of about 10 yrs old, started doing a kick in d pool, and splashing water
everywhere! LOL!

After class, we had a quick lunch at A&W b4 proceeding for a haircut. Got home with just enough time to get my son to take a short nap before I recvd an sms from Doris asking if it was ok for her to come over to drop off her Paula Vaughan piece.

Doris brought along so many lovely books and charts by Paula, all autographed by her personally. I especially like the book on flowers. Doris said that she has an unautograph copy and wud sell it to me.

Of course, I saw the piece done by Doris whch she wants me to finish it into a cushion cover or something. It's a really nice piece! I hope I can find a suitably nice cotton to match it, and I hope I can do justice to the piece!

After a chat and showing off my stitching room, Doris left with her hubby and doter. It was nice meeting up Doris again after almost 2 years!

I finally had some time after getting my son to bed at 9.00pm to put in some stitches on my JE SAL. I only stitched till 10 pm coz I wanted to watch CSI NY and the JE SAL piece was too big for me to work in front of the TV, while trying to concentrate on the CSI investigation, and me, investigating my charts! LOL!

I decided to work on my hardanger again, hoping to finish another small piece to `show-off' to Ee Koon the next time I see her.

BTW, I spent practically the whole time watching, rather listening to the AF concert, frogging my hardanger! I miscounted and miscounted 3 times! I almost gave up! LOL! I think I was
concentrating on the concert more than my hardanger!

All in all, it was a very productive weekend, though very tiring, coz I was not only doing my usual household chores, I also had to take over some of my hubby's chores. But, as Jo would agree with me, better sakit tangan dan badan, than sakit hati, having a maid who just stresses U out! LOL!

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Barbara said...

The hardanger's coming nicely Nik. The perle threads' sheen make the pieces look fabulous. I am gonna do some hardanger after our SAL. Should be a fast project...the hardanger I mean.