Friday, July 28, 2006

A sad day.......

It is a sad day for me yesterday, and I am still feeling sad today......

I was in Penang yesterday for a project briefing. On our way to d airport, we stopped
by for lunch at a gerai ikan bakar (grilled filled). The driver had parked the car across the street from d restaurant. We sat not too far inside d restaurant, and only went in for a quick 20 minutes meal. When we came out, the car window had been smashed and my laptop and a colleague's handbag stolen. Her handbag had contained her car keys, land title (she had wanted to drop by the land office to do an ownership title change) and her plane tickets. Luckily she took along her purse and handphone into d restaurant.

Also together with my laptop bag were my note padbook containing information valuable to me in managing my work. I also had the latest issue of Cross Stitcher and a Fench XS mag I bought at d airport. That's doubly sad for me.....*wink* Kidding!

I only got back into KL past 8 pm after making a police report, and after d incident, I was feeling traumatised all day. I lost all interest to do anything else after that.

M sad that this has happened although I know it's all fated. I am a very careful person, and would always doubly check the car each time I leave the car to make sure that I had properly locked it, and especially if I leave anything inside d car, to make sure that it is well hidden from sight.

Yesterday, everything was beyond my control. The car was not mine. I had informed the driver about the notebook, and he had said that everything will be ok. I had hidden the laptop the best I could, but, again, it was not my car to insist on this and that to make sure that the laptop is safe and the car secure.

There are a 1001 ways that I cud have done to avoid it from happening, and all these ways are racing thru my mind all evening yesterday, last nite, and even today even as I type this posting, but, it was fated that it was going to happen no matter what I did. Am I just trying to console myself in my attempt to make my guilt go away?

I am sad.........I hope my mood will pick up for the better today. I need to. I need to get back to my studying. I need to concentrate.......*sigh*

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mamavespa said...

Nik, I am sorry to hear that...
Selalu I simpan laptop dalam bonet supaya org tak nampak, tapi dah takdir kan..

Cheer up Nik, a HAppy Weekend & Stitching