Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The 100 day cough?

I have been sick, very sick in fact, in the last week or so. I had a bad cough and cold that does not seem to want to go away despite taking two different types of antibiotics and a quite a few cough and cold medicines. There are times when the coughing fit gets so bad that I feel like swallowing a whole bottle of the cough medicine! LOL!

The cough gets so bad especially during the night that it has affected my sleep so much that I get up feeling like a zombie in the morning, but yet, I still have to go the work because I have lined up so many meetings for the week and postphoning some of them would make me go off schedule on so many of my projects. Added to that, I had a meeting Kuching on Monday, 12 February, which I had to fly there on Sunday because the meeting was early in the morning. Came back to a full day meeting on Tuesday and flew to Penang on Wednesday. All that travelling just did not do well for my flu and made it worst. I was at my worst on Thursday morning when I had to drive to Putrajaya for a meeting, and almsot fell asleep at the wheel due to the lack of sleep and fatigue.

After the meeting, I drove to the clinic, but a journey which would usually take only 40 minutes took me close to 1 1/2 hours to get there because I practically went round Putrajaya twice. Must be because I was too sick, I simply could not find my way out of Putrajaya to get back to Subang Jaya to go to the clinic! LOL!

The doctor insisted that I take the medical leave and go home and sleep so that the medication can take effect better. I was still contemplating of going back to the office in the afternoon because I had a meeting to chair and another one on Friday morning. But, I relented when I realised that I wouldn't be able to chair the meeting anyway with the bad cough. After making some calls to have the meetings postphoned, I took my medication and went to bed.

It has been 2 days since I finished the last dose of medicine, but the cough and cold is still there though not as bad. I am able to get up and prepare some simple meals for the family. Before this, my hubby has had to buy all meals since I was simply not up to doing anything. The coughing fit has left me weak most days.

It gets so irritating at times when the coughing fit kicks in, and my sleep is still interupted by the coughing fit that kicks in a couple of time each night, but my mood has imprived. I am not as easily irritated, but I am just frustrated why the cough and cold would not go away despite all the medication that I took. Some call it the 100 day cough. Gosh! Is that how long I still have to suffer? *sigh*

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Emily said...

Nik, Your Star project is lovely and there is only a little bit more of stitching yet to be done. Hope you finish it soon! Keep it up!