Sunday, February 04, 2007

Crazy for pincushions?

Yesterday, while at Bangsar Village to send my son for his art class, there was a charity drive in aid of the flood victims that lost almost everything during the flood that kept most of the southern part of Malaysia in waters for almost 3 weeks.

There were lots of lovely things sold. Besides the books, colour pencils, crayons and other school things which you can either buy and keep which, 100% of the sale will go to buying school things for the kids, or, you can donate back the school things you bought to be given to the school kids.

Apart from that, there were quite a number of stalls selling crafts and handmade items like beaded necklaces, bracelets, earring, bags, cards, cushion covers, placemats and many more handmade household items. I can't say how much of the sale for these items will go to the flood victims, but, I hope more then 50% will, if not more or all of it. It is, afterall, a charity drive officiated by Datuk Seri Sharizat Abdul Jalil, Women, Family and Community Development Minister.

I bought a couple of things, which, among others is this cute little turtle pincushion! Isn't it so adorable? I just had to buy it! Yeah, like as if I don't have enough pincushions already! LOL! And, guess what? I also dropped by QG to pick up some interfacing for my towel topper, and, hee hee, as I was paying for the interfacing, I saw this cute little crazy patch pincushion! Heheh..what else! I bought that one too! Goodness! I don't believe I just bought two things without giving much thought to it! LOL!

As if that was not enough, last night, I finally made up my 4-patch pincushion! LOL! This is my first 4-patch pincushion, and definitely not going to be my last! It was difficult at first trying to figure out how to do it, but, once you get the concept, it was a breeze! *wink* I love the way the green matched the pink fabric, like as if it was meant to be! *wink*

The only thing about the pincushion which I wasn't fully satisfied is that I did not pad it more, because I thought it might make it bulge too much. But, now, when completed, it felt too soft, like a squashed up pillow after being used for a long time. Get the picture?

Anyway, just to `show' you that I DON'T actually need anymore pincushions, here are my collection thus far. Some made by me, some given to me by some lovely stitching friends. Will this make me stop buying or making more pincushions in the future? I think you can guess what the answer will be, right? LOL! *wink*


- Azie - said...

i really like your 4 patch pincushion.. it's so lovely.. and the gud combi colors, esp with the little rose at the centre..

Barbara said... last the mysterious 4 patch pincushion. Lovely bright colours, as I know that's how you like it :) What a collection of pincushion you have and ever growing what more with the PCE so soon!

Cindy said... really have a great collections of lovely pin cushions!

Anonymous said...

Really cute group of pincushions. Do you have the instructions for the 4 patch pincushion? My pincushion group would just love this one.