Thursday, February 08, 2007

Out of this world.....

and into space! LOL!

When I bought my latest issue of Cross Stitcher last month (issue 182), my son saw a chart of a space man. He asked that I stitch it for him. In fact, my son has always been asking me to stitch something for him each time I bring home the latest issue of any cross stitch magazine, but I kept putting it off. Even his birth sampler I have yet to start on it and he is going to be seven this year! LOL! Poor him! I have stitched so many name plates and birth samplers for my nieces and nephews, and I have yet to stitch either one of them for him. So, so, sooo terible of me! *shaking my head*

Anyway, since this is a small piece, I thought I'd stitch this piece for him. I thought it would be a real quick one. It did, only, I did not have the flurescent and glow-in-the dark floss called for in the chart. I have smsed Wendy and she said she will get it more me since she is the distributor for DMC threads. So, until the threads arrive safely in my hands, this is as far as I got.

A little something different compared to what I have been stitching lately, which is mostly very sweet and matured designs. It's a nice break, and I hope to get it done real soon and have it framed up to put it up in his room.

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