Thursday, February 08, 2007

An envelope of goodies!

The envelope looked very deceiving. It was the usual brown envelope you buy at the stores. You could never tell from the envelope that it contained so many lovely goodies. When I ripped open the envie (notice that I said `ripped'? Goes to show how excited I was to receive the envelope! LOL!), out came packets and packets of goodies! There were punched images, stamped images, embellishments, the list is almost endless!

But, the best of the lot is a red and white crocheted doily, painstakingly crocheted by Usha! It's really lovely! Thanks, Usha, for all the goodies, and the time and effort you took to crochet the doily. Valentine's Day has started already for me! LOL! Shall I tell my hubby that I got a valentine present already from someone else? LOL! *wink*

The goodies I got are actually the Valentine Stash Exchange (VSE), one of the many activities organised at NNC. You are assigned a partner to whom you send some valentine goodies. You can send anything, but part of it must be craft related, and in the colours of love. You, in return, will receive some goodies, but you do not know who your partner is until the day you receive the goodies.

Sounds fun? It is, especially when the innocent looking envelope lands in your hands!

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