Thursday, February 08, 2007

Time to grab the towel!

First, I have to thank BJ for taking her time to do up the tutorial for making up the towel topper. It looked easy enough. Shouldn't be much of a problem for me who have dabbled with the sewing machine since my craddle days, right? WRONG! LOL!

It started easy enough, until I got to the part where I put the back and the front together, with the binding already in place. I think I missed a step in BJ's instruction. Trust me for not printing a copy of the tutorial and hoping to rely on memory to get me through the steps. Have I forgotten that I am not as young as I thought I am or want to believe? LOL!

Anyway, when I turned over my towel topper to the front, I could not figure out how to seal the ends of the binding tape. I sewed it to the back but, somehow, it just did not look right. It looked even worse when fully completed with the towel in place. It looked bulky and awful to me. I just did not like the way it turned out. Not any fault of BJ, of course. She did a swell job of doing up the tutorial. It was just the way I did it up, or my sewing.

After much contemplation, I decided to turn this interchangeable towel topper into a fixed towel topper. By doing this, one thing for sure, I could hide the flawed binding tape permanently into the topper. The second thing is, the topper does not look bulky like when the interchangeable towel is folded into it. Just the way I prefer it!

So, teacher BJ, how does it look? Sorry I did not follow your intructions to the T, but instead, used the intructions and made some slight changes to get it to the way I like it to be. Hope you don't mind.

I still learnt something new from BJ's tutorial. Before this, I have never used binding tape the way she showed me how. I gave a go at making an interchangeable topper, but just did not like the bulky part. I think it's the towel I used. Yeah, right! Blame it on the towel! LOL!


Barbara said...

The stitching without a doubt is super and the rose is so bright! You must bring the towel to the meet. We will discuss it then :)

***Jon**** said...

Nice one Nik .... very cheery colours. Now then, if you had learned tatting you could have used a piece of tatted lace instead of the pink edging. :D