Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Some progress and other things

With my cough improving a bit, yesterday I managed to put in some stitches on my Star Project. Even though I felt like I spent close to four hours on it (with many breaks in between), I felt that I made little progress. It seems to take me ages to see any progress. Maybe because the piece is a big one.

I feel like giving up on it, but, yet, I want to see it done. Maybe if I have a friend stitching along with me it might help me progress more? *wink*

BTW, while I was doing some light spring cleaning, I came across this piece I bought when I visited Graz some 3 years ago. I bought this piece at a small shop that sells only finished pieces, and no charts. I would have certainly bought some charts had they sold any.

Don't you think this is such a lovely piece?

On another note, I thought I would put up photos of the small things I sent to my partner for the VSE which was recently completed.

Thank you to all members who had participated in the Valentine Stash Exchange.


Barbara said...

I think the Star Project is coming along nicely. Defintely they'll be times when it slumps a little. Think positive, think of how pretty it will adorn your walls, you'll pick up with a more regular tempo soon enough.

Barbara said...

Also glad to know you're feeling better now.

whitecalla said...

Glad you put up the photo of my gift, Nik. :D :D :D Thank you for the lovely items.

Am sorry I can't upload the photo in my blog due to pc problem (the one at home)the camera's icon just went missing.

Lovely Dee said...

Hi Kak Nik, I've been reading your blog from time to time n i have to say your works on cross stitch memang beautiful sangat2..i'm also a cross stitch lover and reading your blog and looking at all the cross stitch u do buat i lg bersemangat nk buat..if it's ok i wanna ask where can i get the Lizzie Kate charts..Maybe you can advise on which shops that have all the supply for cross stitch. The only one i know is Haby yg at ampang park..Thanks in advance!!