Monday, October 27, 2008

Soccer Quilt project - the top is done!

Yup! After working on it since the 6th of September 2008, the top is finally done, and it finally got Aiman all excited when I laid it out to baste it last night. He was just so tempted to just roll all over it that I couldn’t help laughing looking at his antics! He ended up sweating a lot, which is a good sign, as he is just recovering from a bad asthma attack and fever just the day before that.

He kept insisting to help me baste the quilt, and so I gave him the job of handing me the safety pins which I use to baste the 3 layers (the top, the batting, and the backing piece) together.

When I turned over the quilt to check if I had basted the layers together properly, he got even more excited and started counting the ladybugs on the backing material! LOL!

So, how many ladybugs were there on the backing material? He didn’t get any further than 100 numbers when he started to pant! LOL! I was getting worried that he was going to get another asthma attack, and made him stop.

I am so happy to see him getting excited over it as it made all my efforts working on it worth it, as before this, when I showed him the blocks in progress, he would just give a polite, “Yeah, it’s nice, mummy”, and would proceed to play with his PSP. *grin*

I can't wait for next weekend when Gill is going to teach me to hand-quilt or machine quilt it. Hmm...which one would be easier and faster to do? Any suggestions, anyone?

BTW, I bought the ladybug backing fabric, all 6 yards of it, from Joann. As Joann does not mail overseas, I had them mailed it to my SIL’s house in the US and she mailed them to me together with the other things that I ordered which I shared shipping cost with a couple of friends.

Eli, thanks for helping us out to mail the things out to us. My friends, Tini and Paul, said thank you too. We really appreciate it!


Barbara said...

Great work on the quilt top! It always looks look lovely once it's all been pieced!

Glad to know Aiman is recovering from an Asthma attack.

busymum100 said...

Wow! Nik, the top done in just over a month? Despite the fasting and raya dos? Fantastic. And it looks great too.

Bila la i boleh buat macam tu....

eli said...

How did you juggle yr time to do all these big projects?! Very impressive Kak Nun! I'm glad I 'contributed' a bit to this lovely piece.. heheh.

Btw, is it really cheap to buy the fabric here, even after u factor in postage?

June said...

Nothing is sweeter than getting the approval of the recipient. Aiman knows that there's a lot of effort and love that have gone into making this lovely quilt for him.

Paul Lionel said...

Wow Nik!

Za said...

Hi BJ! Long time no hear! Hope you are well!

Yeah, I am happy with the results of the top. I almost gave up halfway when I got bored doing the soccer blocks over and over again. The original design had 54 soccer blocks!

I than decided that I'd do a simpler block in between the soccer block, and what could be simpler than a 16 patch block!

I had the 16 patch block done in no time at all!

Yeah, Sabariah, I did not realised that it did not take me thatlong to complete the top. Must be bcoz I was excited to get it done as soon as possible so that I can start on my next project! LOL!

Hi Eli! Thank you for your `big' contribution to the quilt project.

American cottons here in Malaysia are selling for between RM28.00 to RM48.00 per meter. I figured since I am already buying some other things too, even if I add shipping cost, it wouldn't add to the amount that I would have to pay for it here.

The cutter I bought at Joann cost RM160.00 here, but I only paid less than RM60.00 from Joann.

However, I haven't made an exact calculation. Maybe I should, than maybe you can send the materials here and I can sell them to my friends at a much cheaper price than what we pay here. *wink*

Yup, I agree with you, June, that nothing is sweeter than getting the approval of the recipient himself! LOL!

Janet C said...

I would have the same smile like Aiman's if I going to receive such a quilt. Congrats and well done!

Aw said...

GORGEOUS QUILT TOP...enjoy seeing all your sewing projects. In facts I ordered from JoAnn, USA, by registering with Vpost Asia, where my orders to deliver to Vpost USA than direct to me....incurred shipping charges, but shipping within USA is free. I bought yarn swift and ball winder at 50% discount, though the swift is manufactured in China.