Thursday, January 29, 2009

Most shocking!

My boss' daughter just got married (the solemnization ceremony) over the weekend (the reception is this coming Friday). It was supposed to be a happy and joyous day for her and the family, but, unfortunately, bad luck struck. The house was burglarised in broad daylight by a professional thief in clear sight of everyone without raising the slightest suspicion of anyone.

The burglar, suspected to be a woman, blended in well with all the guest which included relatives and friends of both the bride and groom. She spoke to a few people like she was very much at home and fitted in like she was one of the relatives.

She spent most of the time in the bride's room, even during the time that the bride was changing attire to get ready for a reception after the akad nikah (solemnisation of marriage). She claimed that she was the bride's nanny when she was very much a baby and the bride probably could not remember her.

The bride did not suspect anything as she thought that probably the lady was really her nanny and a close relative of the family which she has not met in a long time. Her mum (the bride's) at that time was busy entertaining guests downstairs and had left everything to the Mak Andam (the bride's make-up artist) to take care of the bride.

When the family left to go to the reception hall which was just a 5 minutes walking distance from the house, all the rooms were locked up. The CCTV managed to catch the lady opening up the Master Bedroom which was made up as the bride's room that day, like as if she had the key, but an aunty of the family said that she had all the keys to all the rooms with her at all times.

The burglar managed to steal the 'mas kahwin' (dowry) worth RM1001.00, a set of diamond earrrings which was part of the `barang hantaran' (gifts to the bride) placed on the trays. Luckily the bride decided to wear the multi-tier gold and diamond necklace which her new mother-in-law had just given to her after the solemnisation ceremony for the reception. If she hadn't worn it to the reception, that would have been quite a huge loss as it was estimated to cost quite a few thousand ringgits.

Also stolen were several handbags which were left at the bride's room for safe-keeping, which included cash worth RM2000.00 which a relative coming all the way from Kota Bharu brought with her to be spent throughout her stay in Kuala Lumpur. Gone too were all the handphones that were left on the table during the solemnisation ceremony.

Luckily the 'Wang Hantaran' (money to the bride) was in a check form, and so was not touched. If it had been in cash form, that lady could have gone on a shopping spree as usually, 'wang hantaran' nowadays are no less than RM10,000.00, especially since both the bride and the bridegroom are doctors and both come from a very well to do family.

I wish I had a photo of the lady thief to post here so that everyone will be wary of her presence should anyone be having a wedding ceremony in the future. A friend actually managed to catch her on his camera as he was snapping photos away with his camera, but it (the photo) is now in police custody.

So, those of you out there planning to have a wedding soon, do be wary of such characteres that blend too well with the family and friends.

The wedding reception for the couple will be held this Friday, and I just hope that everything will turn out well for the family, and hopefully, no more untoward incidents happen.

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