Sunday, May 31, 2009

Happy Birthday, dear sister!

My sister, Lin’s birthday, was on 28th May, but as we were already meeting up for dinner to meet my mum who just came back from the US, we decided that it would be great to have a triple celebration – a celebration to welcome home my mum, a belated birthday celebration for my brother, Azan, and an early birthday celebration for my sis, Lin, though she was the one that bought us dinner that night! LOL!

When we got there, I immediately handed over a birthday present I handmade for her. I bet my stitching friends can guess what it was since I have been mentioning about it at the NNC group a couple of times. *grin*

Seen here is my sis looking at the bag after opening the present which came in a simple silver box.

I had wanted to make a card and tie up the box in ribbons, but, as the dinner was kind of unplanned, I did not have time to do all that. You see, I was planning to give the present to my sis on Friday, 29th May, but my sister was already flying off to Beijing on her birthday, 28th May for a holiday.

Here’s my sister again modeling the bag.

Noticed that the bag is looking very bulky already? *grin* She has filled it up with her very heavy handbag already! LOL! I just hope that the bag is strong enough to withstand my sister’s heavy duty usage! LOL! *wink*

Here's a closer look of the bag. No, I did not make the flowers. It is store bought as I could not find time to make one. Also, I am not sure if I can make one as beautiful as the flower I had bought at a shop along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman.

She said that she might be bringing it to Beijing. I wonder if she did. Even if the maker has never been to Beijing, it’s nice to know that the bag has made it there! My bag has gone international! LOL!

Back to our dinner, while we waited for dinner to be served, my mum related all the good times that she had while in the US - the travels, the good food that my SIL is now able to cook (read that, Eli? *wink*), the great art work that my niece, Sarah, has been able to churn out courtesy of the artistic talent that flows through her blood *wink*, and the wonderful music that my nephew, Farhan, can now play on the violin, a talent he inherited from his dad who can play the organ just by listening, with no formal music lassons.

As for the food, my sister ordered ribs and when my brother Azan heard that it was just ribs that was ordered, he was already worried that he might still be hungry by the time dinner is done with, as both my brothers are big eaters, but, when the ribs were served, everyone agreed that my sister had made the right choice of food. But, of course she would! Tony Roma’s is her playground and favourite restaurant. All the waiters and waitresses there know her, and she knows them! That’s my sister for you! Ever the sociable one, in stark contrast to me, the very shy one! LOL! *wink*

The ribs were so very delicious, and the meat was so tender! It just pulls away from the bones!

I could have eaten more had I not eaten so much of the baguette dipped in garlic butter that was served as a starter while waiting for the main meal to be ready.

There were other dishes which we ordered, apart from the ribs – fish and chips for Aiman and burger for my nephew, Ayin, though both dishes did not look that appetising.

Kids eat free here for every adult that dines here. To keep kids entertained while dinner is being prepared, they have puzzles and quiz sheets. Now this is one restaurant I will frequent often, not just for the delicious food, but for the thought and effort given to take care of the restles kids! LOL!

Thanks, Lin, for the great dinner! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May you be blessed with many great things in life! Happy birthday again to Azan too! Hugs!

By the way, I completed another bag today. I can't show a full photo of it just yet though, as I might want to give this away, but, here's a sneak peek of it.

As a result of doing 5 bags already, I have accumulated so many leftover yarns in so many different colours.

I am wondering what I should do with it, since most of the left overs are not longer than 1 meter in length, though a few are more than 2 meters. I am thinking of making them into granny squares, and then putting them together to make a bag. OR, I am also contemplating of mixing around the colours to come up with a multi-coloured bag.

Hmmm.....that's a thought!

Look out for further posting on what I ended up doing......or, anyone have any other suggestions?


busymum100 said...


Granny squares would be a very good option. But you might end up buying more yarns? *wink*

Make more bags lah, then you'll have yarns of other colours too - wonderful for a granny square project!

Azie said...

seems u hv 3 geminians in yr family yeah.. yourself, yr bro n yr sis. same here, me, my mom n my bro are all geminians too..

... ... ... ... ... ... nik elin said...

Dearest Nun,
Thank you ever so much for the wonderful bag. I'm sure you knew my ectasy upon receiving it.

Its very very nice. But I have to make some adjustments before I really use it as it might get spoilt otherwise as you know very well how much stuff I like to put in my bags.
Thanks again Nun for the beautiful gift.