Monday, May 12, 2008

The Birthday Party

We held Aiman's birthday party on the 3rd of May 2008, eventhough his birthday was actually on the 22nd of April. This year, we decided to go with the flow and have it outside of the house, at a fast food restaurant. Every year since he was two, we have always had his birthday party at home where I would cook all the food, prepare the party packs and organize the games. I would even bake the cake myself.

However, after a hectic time organizing Aiman's party last year when most parents just dropped off their kds, leaving me to see to the food, organize the games (my sis and brother eventually helped with the music and running of the games), distributing the party pack which was already prepared earlier, and having to keep an eye on the screaming kids running around, making sure they eat, and not go home with an empty stomach, less their parents might wonder why I did not take care of their kids, I decided, I am not going through the `trauma' again this year! LOL! *wink*

So, this year, we decided to have it at the A&W Restaurant in Subang Jaya. We could not have it earlier as it was undergoing some minor renovation works, and so was closed the week Aiman turned eight.

Aiman enjoyed himself tremendously and so did all his guests, as you can see from the photos.

Some of the parents who are close to us stayed on to chat and enjoy the simple food.

I did not bake the cake either this year as my regular bakery supply shop has closed down, and I did not know where to get some of the more difficult to find ingredients to make a walnut carrot cake that is within close vicinity to my house.

Aiman himself chose this Ultraman cake, although he initially wanted one of BIONICLES, his latest craze. But, alas, the bakery shop has never even heard of BIONICLES, what more to make one! LOL! I guess if you have no children of that age, you wouldn't have heard of BIONICLES either. *grin*

I am glad that Aiman had a great time at his party.

Will we be having his next birthady party outside of the house again next year? Hmm...I have had some comments from parents that they prefer my home party because of the home cooked food, the home baked cake, and games. I am flattered! *blush* Well, we shall have to see....


Emily said...

A suggestion Nik!
Next Year: All home cooked cook and cake but cater the entertainment and babysitters! and cleaners!

Za said...

Yeah, maybe I will do that, Emily. *smile*