Monday, May 19, 2008

Going amigurumi crazy!

heheh....yup, that's the current craze sweeping over at NNC at the moment. It only needs one member to talk about it and show off her or his lovely work, and everyone would start jumping on the badwagon! LOL!

I can't exactly remember who was the first member that mentioned about amigurumi. I think it was Janet, when she showed off her pink mouse. Then, Sue posted the link to her blog at, showing off her cute amigurumi pieces, and I was so taken by the cuteness of her pieces, I just had to give it a go. LOL! Talk about being so easily influenced! LOL!

June posted this link, which was really helpful to get me started, and then Sue posted this link, and that made me make up my mind as to what I want to make as my first amigurumi. Adventurous, don't you think? LOL!

In my excitement to give amigurumi a try, I forgot that I had never done anyamis, and went head on into a large project! *grin* I slept late the first night trying to figure out the instructions, and I spent a lot of time unpicking as I kept miscalculating as I went round and round the rows, until I put a marker for the beginning of each row, did I finally managed to progress pass the first 3 rows! LOL! I almost gave it up, actually, if not for the cute cat that I imagine will be sitting atop my shelf. *grin*

So, I finished the head piece (the one on the right), but, it is a little bit lopsided and looks nothing like a cat's head! LOL! Not wanting to get discouraged by the lopsided head, I started on the torso part of the cat yesterday. I did not progress much on it, though, as I had to stop to take my son to his Robotics class followed by a movie to watch Speed Racer.

I had not picked it yet to work on it today, prefering instead to work a little bit on the Mandala Garden which I had abandoned for the past week of so when I got distracted my the amis. *grin*

On another stitching note, I started on another small project last weekend, after completing the LHN Gourmet Garden piece. This will be my travel piece, though I don't see myself travelling that much as most projects I am handling currently are coming to a close, that is, until I receive instructions for the other projects to be implemented.

This is another Little House Needleworks piece titled Chocolate Shoppe, and I am stitching it on 14ct overdyed opalescent piece I bought from Dyeing4U some years back. Dyeing4U has closed down since due to some illness in the family. That was sad, because their overdyed pieces are really lovely.

BTW, my sister-in-law and brother from the US sent me this lovely Mother's Day gift which was sent through my mum in Kota Bharu. My sister brought it back for me when she went home to Kota Bharu recently.

It's the cutest ever pincushion teapot I have ever received! Well, I have never received a tea pot pincushion before to begin with! LOL! But, this teapot is really lovely, and I have to thank my SIL and brother for knowing what I like and making my day! Hugs, Eli and Nik Ai!


eli said...

It's 2 in 1 for you... an addition to yr pincushion + teapot collection ;-)

I'm glad that you like it.

Musliha said...

Sis Za..
Finally, you're in Amigurumi..
Come see my Amigurumi Zoo here..
Haha.. Nak bagi addic lagi sikit..

Za said...

Like it, Eli? I LOVE it!


Za said...

Hi Musliha! Dropped by your blog. The pink cat is cute!

Musliha said...

Sis Za..
Do you have an email?
Can you give me?