Sunday, May 04, 2008

That's it?

Okay, so I am cruel when I put up that heading, but, can you blame me?

You have a concert at such a grand venue, surely one would expect a more impressive show, but……hmmm…….I am disappointed. No, make that very disappointed. *sigh* Was it the choice of songs, or were the students really bad? *scratching my head* I think the students least 3 of them were.

Before I proceed further with my comments, would it be possible for ASTRO to take AC Mizal out as the host for the concert? There are 2 or 3 more concerts, and I wonder if I can bear seeing him anymore each Saturday hosting the concert. Please, please, take him out! I shudder each time he opens his mouth to talk to the students. Most of the time, his questions have no relevance, and he simply does not know how to handle situations when the critics gave comments that are hard to swallow, or when the video clips have no relevance. Yes, the video clips, but let me get to that one later. Please, ASTRO, take him out, if you want us to keep on watching the show.

He lacks the emotions to play act the elimination round, which I feel, at most times, ended up with an anti-climax due to his lack of empathy. Bring back Aznil, if you can. If you can't, replace him with Sarimah Ibrahim!

No, you can't kick him out? He has a contract to host the concert for the whole season? Really? *sigh* I wished I had watched AIM instead last night. At least I could have watched Faizal Tahir, Hazami and Anuar Zain sing, which wouldn't have given me nightmares when I went to bed last night! LOL!

During the first concert, I gave AC Mizal the benefit of the doubt, but last night was already the 7th concert, but still he lacks the talent to host a concert of this nature. It did not take Aznil till the 7th concert to have people loving him already during the 1st season. People began to love him almost immediately; even he was surprised by the reaction that he got for hosting the show. He has set the pace that is hard for anyone to follow, let alone fill in his big shoes. But, certainly, AC Mizal does not fit the bill.

After so much hype about who will take over Aznil's place, it is sad that this is all that we get. Sorry, AC Mizal, but I have to be cruel to be kind, but I feel that you simply don't have what it takes to host a show of great expectations. Maybe you should have just stayed on to host AC Di Sini. That's a show I have enjoyed, and would have continued to enjoy, but, after seeing you as host of AF, hmm.........

This season, the opening act for the concerts were all good, but, the minute AC comes onstage, the good part ends, that is, until Stacy, Nadia and Riz comes on stage. There is nothing outstanding about any of the other students' performances this season. A very lack lustre season. I have yet to recall a concert that has left me mesmerised.

Ramli MS has tried everything to bring out the best of the students. I could see his frustrations. I would too if I were him. He has a reputation to keep. I wonder if he has regreted taking over the role of Pengetua AF for the 2nd round, as he did a very good job of the first round when some of the more successful singers now are a product of the AF Season 2.

Ramli MS tried his best. So did all the teachers, but, if the students had nothing great to offer in the first place, and as Tiara Jaquelina said, we are looking for performers with the X Factor, then, even if you perform at the best venue, it would just be another mediocre concert.

Even though Nubhan sang slightly better at this concert (the squeky voice was not that apparent), it was still a performance that was below par. BTW, why the song Dealova again? Wasn't it sang by Faizal in one on the concerts during the forth season? It's not possible that ASTRO has ran out of songs for the students to sing, is it, as there are 2 or 3 more concerts to go, right?

Stanly did OK. He could dance despite his small and heavy posture. He sang better though when he performed the bonus song, Phantom of the Opera, Music of the Night. That was nice. I think that that was his genre of music.

I like Aliff and was disppointed that he failed to impress. I have to agree, though, that he just lost his place at the finals with last night's below par performance. He has not shown any mark improvement in his performances, which is a pity, really, since he has got the looks to make it in this cruel and challenging entertainment world. But looks alone will not get you far, if all you have is that, but your voice is only mediocre. We have so many of that already, and the cake is not that big to share among so many players in the industry. Yes, Alif, we need the X Factor.

I wish it was Toi that got eliminated last night, and not Aliff, not that Aliff was any better, but, if anyone deserves to go last night, it should have been Toi. Why is he still in the running really puzzles me. He really must have a very strong fan base that does not care much about how he faired, for as long as they can get him to the finals. Opps! Toi in the finals? Oh, peleeease! His performance was so bad, it left even Tiara Jaquelina speechless, not knowing what to say but having to say something diplomatic.

Aahh! Nadia was good! She made a comeback after, what I feel, was a mediocre performance last week. I was also impressed by the fact that she had actually performed at Istana Budaya before, and, from the video clips, it was obvious that she could perform well. Too bad AC Mizal did not know how to take advantage of that and make the right comments. *sigh*

Riz was good as usual. He got his genre of music, and that made him perform effortlessly. A place in the finals for sure. But of course, if not Riz, who else besides Stacy and Nadia, to the finals? Nubhan? He will just be going to the finals to fill in the quota. Sorry fans of Nubhan, but this is my persoanl opinion only. Jangan marah! *wink*

Stacy was, as usual, good, but nothing compared to her impressive performance when she sang Makhluk Tuhan Paling Seksi. Maybe she should get more songs of that genre, as she performs very well songs of that nature. It brings out the best in her.

I cannot help but feel restless each time there is a prelude before a song with an act that is too long. Yes, the concert was held at a prestigeous theatrical venue, and so you needed to do something theatrical, but does it have to be so long to the point of making people feel restless? I am not saying this because I am not a fan of the theatre, because I am, but, because it realy was too long.

Was Astro trying desparately to fill in the time it has till 11.00pm, since it just signed up a host that had failed to play up the time during the elimination round, so that, come the emination round, AC Mizal needs only to annouce the name with no drama at all, using time over run as an excuse? That would have been my guess, since I simply can't think of anything else for the extra long acting scenes at this concert, and the irrelevant long video clips at the previous concerts. *sigh*

I don't know what to expect at the 8th concert, except more disappointments. Can ASTRO surprise us anymore? We will just have to wait and see, won't we?

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anne said...

Hi Za,

Your comments on AC v Aznil, i couldnt agree more. If any good came out of AC hosting this season's concert, its making Aznil look REALLLY GOOOOD! I didnt expect AC to even come close to filling Aznil's shoes but he falls way, way below.....

...and yup. Alif was not as bad as Toi

Asmahani said...

We want Aznil! We want Aznil! :)

Emily said...

Yeah, I think AF is not the same without Aznil too!

AI this season is also rather disappointing. Not much glamour! But the two Davids are awesome!

Nik, thanks for dropping by! Just keep them posts coming, I visit rather often!