Monday, May 19, 2008


Finally! After nine concerts, I am finally impressed with the performances of all the students, although I still can't appreciate that much Nubhan's so called beautiful tone of voice. OK, so I am tone deaf. *grin* But, didn't his voice actually break (terkucil) when he was his rendering his song that Saturday night? Let's be honest about it.

Maybe he still have not found a song that would bring out the best of his `beautiful tone', and once and for all, prove me wrong, that he does have the unique voice which the market has yet to discover? OK, I will wait for that time. Maybe for the finals, he will get a song that is specially made for this special voice? So, I will wait breathlessly in anticipation. *wink*

Guess what? I think Toi did very well that night, and no, this time, I am not having a fever, LOL! and yes, I do agree that with his impressive performance that night, he deserves a place into the finals. I was really impressed and I think he has improved a lot in the last two weeks. Good for him. I think even his duet with Stanly, he sang slightly better than Mawi! Opps! Mawi's fans are gonna come after me after this! LOL! *wink*

I was most impressed with Stanly during the first concert, but, as the weeks passed, Stanly seems to be going only downhill from then on. I don't know whether his mom being in hospital have somehow affected his performances, but he has failed to impress me anymore after the first concert. A pity, really, since I think Stanly can actually sing.

Nadia and Riz could be holding hands when singing the lovely Endless Love song, but they failed to connect. There was simply no chemistry between them. Nadia looked a child who knows nothing about falling in fall. There was simply no emotion in her expression. To say that she is too young to fall in love, Mila was only 19 when she sang My Heart with Ebi with so much emotion that everyone was so mesmerised by their performance.

I like both Nubhan's and Stacy's expression when they sang the duet. It was lovely. They both look like they were very much in love, but nothing can beat Mila and Ebi's mesmerising performance, in my opinion. A hard act to follow. Pity that they are no longer a couple. They would have made a lovely pair to come out with a duet album of love songs. Oh well........

Did you all notice that this year, none of the students are doing back up singing for their friends, like in the previous years? I wonder why. Could it be because Ramli MS does not want them to be too distracted with their own performance? Too bad, because, to me, I think, when the students do back up singing for their friends, it tends to evoke a different kind of emotion among the students themselves and the audience. To me, it did. I can't feel that emotion this year.

What is wrong with AC Mizal! Why can't he let Stanly finish saying his thanks to his friends, his teachers and his supporters when he was bidding them farewell. Why did AC have to interrupt him. Let him finish talking, for God sake! AC Mizal has talked enough!

OK, OK, so they were running out of time, but, AC could have managed the time better. I was kind of wondering why did Astro want to do a tribute to Loloq during the 9th Concert instead of during the final concert, which I think would have been more appropriate. Maybe because Astro feels that AC Mizal would not have been able to fill in the time slot allocated? And then, finally, when it was time for Stanly to say his goodbyes, he had to be interrupted? *sigh* A time to say goodbye to AC Mizal himself, I think.

Never's the FINALS next week! Err...this Saturday, actually. I am hoping for some surprises. Even though I initailly think that Nadia might win, because I think she has got a very unique and powerful voice, but I think Stacy is a better performer. Stacy has been consistent throughout the season, and she can carry most songs with ease. She can dance and sing very well, though Nadia has proven in the last concert that she too can sing and dance very well.

But, I have a feeling either Nubhan or Riz might win, because they both have so many screaming female fans who would vote for him like nobody's business. *grin* Toi might just win 2nd place! I think it is going to be a tough fight.

Here's my guess -
Nubhan or Riz for first place, Stacy or Nadia for 3rd place with Toi in 2nd place.
If Nubhan gets first place, Toi might come in 2nd, with Riz coming in 3rd, followed Stacy and Nadia at 4th and 5th place respectively. OR, Riz might win first place, followed by Toi, with Stacy or Nadia taking 3rd and 4th place. That's how the vote would go, going by the way the trend in the voting this season.

What I would like to see -
Stacy in first place, Nadia, 2nd place, Riz ,3rd place, Toi, 4th and Nubhan last. You have to remember, loyal fans of Nubhan, Nubhan has shown no improvement throughout the season, but Toi has, and I am just stating the facts, from my humble observation. Oppps! With that statement, Nubhan has just garnered 100,000 more votes! LOL! *wink*

That's my guess! What's yours?

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