Friday, May 02, 2008

A tote for shopping!

Mel finally received my package for the Favorite Colour Exchange organised by Jess at NNC, way past 8.00pm on Tuesday! Phew! Even then, it was after I made numerous calls to DROPZONE inquiring about my package. Each time, the answer would be "On The way!". Yeah, right, on the way, but I made my first call to them at 4.30pm, and yet the package arrived after 8.00pm! But, I guess I can't be too mad with them since the package did arrive safely despite the fact that the pick up boy failed to leave me a pick-up invoice, and that made me worry since the item in the box is special since it was going to someone special.

As it is, I was already running late in mailing it out to Mel. It was supposed to be mailed out between 23rd - 30th April, and just my luck, that was also my busiest week travelling all over the country. Err....did I ever have a week that I wasn't busy? LOL! I do, actually, though far between, but I like keeping myself busy. It makes my life more meaningful. Yes, Mel is one very talented lady, so I must make her something special too!

I am glad that Mel said it was worth the wait, because I was really starting to get really mad with the DROPZONE driver. When the package still did not arrive at 6.30pm, and when I called again, the driver was pi***d off with the head office for promising to deliver the package on the same day when it was only picked up in the morning. It should have been next day delivery. But, I told him that it was supposed to be picked up the day before. With that, he said that no matter what, and since the company promised, he will deliver tonite.

He was being cheeky when he said that even if it means tht it will end up with him going home at midnite! "Kerana Puan, saya hantar juga malam ini. Kalau alamat pejabat, dah lama saya balik".

I thanked him and said, "Very good, as long as you deliver it tonite!" LOL!

So, here is the much awaited package *wink* - a stash shopping bag for Mel, in her favourite colour.

I also included other small stash items as called for in the exchange requirements. Also required as part of the exchange is a matching handmade card.

I spent a lot more time staring at the wall, cracking my head for ideas to make up the card, as I have not been making cards for some time already, than my actual doing up of the card! LOL!

Now that I am already in the mood to make up cards, I feel like making up more cards! Better check my calendar for friends' birthdays! *wink* my Mandala Garden taking a back seat if I start to make up cards again? I hope not! I am just as excited to make more progress on the Mandala Gardens, though I have not been sticthing in the last two days. Too many other priorities. I hope to work on it this weekend. I will definitely put in a progress report on it.

I am also putting up photos of a red and white tote bag I made for Jess and hand delivered it to her when I met up with her in Melbourne.

The red sparkly card shown here is a birthday card I made for Jess who celebrated her birthday on 26 April 2008. This was mailed out by registered mail together with a potpourri sachet and handmade pincushion last week. I was surprised that Jess received them within 4 days. Kudos to Pos Malaysia for the fast delivery. I hope they will keep up the good service.


Emily said...

Lovely work! as usual!

Barbara said...

You're the bag maker of bag makers!! Real good stuff and the fabrics so well coordinated.

I do hope that the Mandala progresses :) Just know that it'll be a lovely piece! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, there's my pretty red bag. She's getting plenty of use in Melbourne ;-)