Sunday, May 11, 2008

Herbs, anyone?

I finally completed my LHN Gourmet Garden piece yesterday at 3.00pm as I sat waiting for my son to finish his art class. I think I did not take that long to finish this piece as it only consist of cross stitches. However, I have yet to complete my CCN Ice Cream Sundae piece, which I started way before this piece, despite it also consist of only cross stitches. I think maybe because it is a slightly bigger piece, and it has more colours in it, compared to the Gourmet Garden.

I am not far from finishing it (the CCN Ice Cream Sundae), though. It just needs another uninterrupted stitching session, and I will surely be able to complete it.

BTW, here is a progress photo of my Mandala Garden – The Watergarden. I have not worked on this piece for more than two weeks already. I have been busy with so many other things which are of higher priority. Still a very very long way to go, and not working at all on it for weeks is making it getting to the finishing line an even longer way away.

While I was rummaging through my UFOs (UnFinished Objects), looking for charts for my granny squares (yup, it granny square crazy at NNC lately when Margaret, Tini and Aiza wanted to learn crocheting at our last Stitching Bee. LOL!), I came upon this piece I did so very long time ago. It is a design from the Cross Country Stitching magazine, issue August 1999, called Summer Window.

It is almost completed except for a little bit more of back stitching. I might want to complete this piece and have it framed very soon. A piece from the past. I have always liked designs from the Cross Country Stitching magazine, but have lately been distracted, or shall I say, influenced, by so many other lovely designs from other designers. I love the bright and cheerful colours that is a trademark of Cross Country Stitching. I don’t think I will ever tire of designs from CCS, although I have not stitched a piece from CCS for a very long time.

Back to the current craze at NNC, with all the talk about granny squares, I got tempted to take out my hook and yarn to crochet some grannies myself. However, in my search for the pattern that I did my grannies earlier (I wanted the same pattern so that I can crochet the same size pieces together), I came across this flower pattern, and so I gave it a try. It does not look exactly like the one in the book. I think I got something wrong, but I do not know what and where I went wrong. I will give it another go to perfect the flower.

The chart calls for embellishment using beads in the center of the flower, but I was told that I needed a very fine hook to use the beads in my crochet piece, which, unfortunately, I do not have. An excuse to go stash shopping? LOL!

Here is a lovely rose brooch Janet made for me, which she gave me when we met for the Stitching Bee. Of course it has to be in PINK! LOL! *wink* I have a long way to go before I can crochet a rose flower this nice!

Thanks, Janet!


vEr0n!c@ said...

Congratulations on your Gourmet Garden finish. It looks pretty. I love LHN designs and have bought a couple recently to stitch. Still waiting for their arrival though...

Wow, your Watergarden is looking stunning. The colours are so vibrant. Can't wait to see more!

ShannyK-L said...

Congrats on your finish! How I envy you to have an unterrupted stitching session... :(

Coming on as a very nice Watergarden there! And what a lovely rose that Janet made. I agree that we still have a long way to go before we could make a flower like that!

Rose said...

Love your mandala and the herb garden. Been stitching away haven't you. Well done!

BTW that's some bright fabbie you got from Jess.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is a fabulous looking LOT of stitching.

eli said...

I have a tiny herb garden project too... but the real herb. Heheh.

Za said...

Eli, I wish I have a real herb garden too, but when you only see the garden late in the evening each day, it would never survive. Though my pandan and mint leaves are growing wildly despite my not giving them much attention.


Janet C said...

You're welcome.
The pink package from Jess is sooo lovely.

Aw said...

hi, Nik
your xs are lovely. On the crochet flower, I think when u start the 2nd tier, to pick up from the bottom of first tier instead of top stitches of first tier. Hope I am right on this...coz I always do trial & error...:-)

Za said...

TQ, Veronica, Aw & Shanny, 4 dropping by my blog. *smile*

So, have your LHN arrived, Veronica? Which one did you order?

I did not work much on my Mandala Garden this week. Very slow progress.

Aw, I will have to try out my crochet flower again to see where I went wrong. Thanks for the tips.