Sunday, May 11, 2008

A history almost repeating itself?

Huh? Did you know that if there was an elimination last night, Nadia would have had to leave the Akademi? That would have been shocking and what a waste it would have been. History would have repeated itself again, like it did when Rosma was eliminated during AF Season 1. How did that happen? Was Nadia so bad? Even worse than Toi and Nubhan? *shaking my head in disbelief*

This is the ranking I got off Mr Manager's blog which has yet to be updated with the latest report on the 8th concert.

Official AF votes ranking at the close of the concert:

Nubhan 19%
Riz 19%
Stacy 18%
Stanly 16%
Toi 16%
Nadia 13%

How did Nubhan get top ranking? I think even Toi did better (yeah! I must be coming down with a fever for me to say that Toi did better! LOL! *wink*) last night with his rendition of Kasih Berduka. I agree with Ning that probably he has found his genre of music, and I do agree that last night he sang with his heart and soul, and I really enjoyed his performance. Yup, I am definitely coming down with a fever! LOL! *grin*

I think last night, Riz's performance was way way below par. In fact, it could easily have been the worst for the night. I agree with Ning that it was his worse performance so far. Like Ogy, I like Dewa's Laskar Cinta, but last night I could not appreciate the song. I was waiting for the chorus part which I have always enjoyed listening to, but I never got to enjoy that part. It was a big letdown.

Riz is lucky that he has got so many young shouting female fans who would vote for me no matter how bad his performances are. Did you hear them shouting for him when he went down from the stage? His worst performance did nothing to affect his ranking. He sat safely at no. 2, after Nubhan. Yeah, Nubhan! Can someone please tell me if Nubhan's performance was so far better than Stacy last night, that he deserves to be ranked no. 1? *shaking my head in disbelief again* People must be so blind.... really blind......*sigh*

Yes, I do agree that he sang better last night then he did in the last few concerts, no, make that throughout the season, but, still, he does not desrve to be on top of Stacy and Nadia, and even Riz. It would be shocking if he wins. No, it would be a sad day for the music industry if he wins. I can accept him going to the finals since he seems to have a very strong fan base, but being made a champion? *sigh* Either Riz, Stacy or Nadia must fall flat on their feet first for Nubhan to win first placing.

I said once before that Stacy suits songs that are cheeky because it goes well with her persona, and bubbly character, like this Gembira Hidup Ini song. She seems to be able to carry this genre of songs very well. Stacy can actually carry any song without much problem. She has been consistent throughout the season. I hope she will be in the top 3, but I have this uncomfortable feeling that Nubhan's fans might just upset her chances.

I don't know what to comment on Stanly's performance, except that he no longer surprises me. He is not going up, but neither is he going down. He has remained consistently mediocre in his performances.

Something about Nadia's attire quite does not fit, or look quite right. Is it the big black buckle? One thing for sure, it makes her look even rounder, even though the dress is kinda cute with the bouncy skirt. The fashion designer should design something for her that will make her look slimmer, not rounder. Did Astro pick out the wrong fashion designer for this season too, like it did when it chose AC Mizal to host AF6?

Yeah, I agree with comments from Asmahani and Emily that AF is not the same without Aznil. Yes, bring back Aznil! I agree with Anne that if there is any good that came out of AC hosting this season's concert, it's that it makes Aznil look REALLLY GOOOOD! Yes, please bring back AZNIL!

Overall, this concert is still missing the 'umpph' that would leave you mesmerised. Is it the choice of songs, I ask again, or simply because the students just do not the x-factor?

I know! I know! It's the host! *grin* AC Mizal does not have the charisma that Aznil have, and him failing to interact with the students and the crictics, have left a lot of situations hanging. You wondered if you had missed something when AC says something, or ask the students something, and when they respond, he does not respond back, but would quickly change the subject, or ask them to start their performances.

He is not spontaneous with his actions. Something a host of any reality program, especially AF, would need. He had failed many times to catch the moment when the critics say something witty or humorous. Instead, he just moved on to something else.

Did you noticed that he failed to interact with Amelia and Zarina last week when they backed up Nadia singing? They look lost and as if were waiting for AC to say something, but he never did. Made them look silly, doesn't it. Pity, because both Amelia and Zarina are good singers and should be appreciated for making a surprise appearance. I am sure that if it had been Aznil, he would have said something.

I just realised that this season, I seem to be making more comments on the host than on the students themselves. That goes to show you how much I am 'affected' by AC Mizal's presence, and Aznil's absence.

I wonder if ASTRO realised the 'mistake' they made in choosing AC Mizal over Sarimah Ibrahim, not that I think she can do a better job, since she has not hosted a single AF concert, but, I have trully enjoyed watching her host the dairies from what little I can catch each week. She makes me laugh, and I have a feeling she could be spontaneous in her actions, and being pretty is an added bonus.

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