Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Booties for Fatin

I went crazy for amigurumi two weeks ago and actually went online to buy a book on amigurumis, which arrived safely last week. *grin*

I wanted to make a cat, which I posted about it last week, but I kept running into `problems' with it when the head of my cat came out lopsided, and the ears of the cat did not turn out the way it should.

I ordered two japanese books online, one on making amigurumi Hello Kitty (I find the cat cute! *wink*), and the other book was just on things you can crochet. My actual intention was to make the Hello Kitty as I was getting frustrated with the original cat I was doing, but when I saw the things I could make from the 2nd book, I dropped my initial intention, and went straight ahead to make this booties for my new niece, Nik Fatin Saffiyyah, or Fatin, as we affectionate call her.

Fatin is now slightly over two months old. She was born on 12th March, the very day I left for Melbourne for our holidays. For now, the booties are still too big for her, but, going by the rate that she is growing, I think it won't be too long before she will fit nicely into it.

It took me 2 days to make one half of the bootie, with a few times of unpicking as I kept on miscounting, and I could not get it to shape properly. However, it took me only one day to do the other half, and I was beginning to enjoy working on it when I came to the end of it! LOL!

I `presented' the bootie to Fatin the very night that I completed it. I hope that my SIL will keep it as a momento of my first attempt at doing up a pair booties after such a very long time of not doing one, even long after Fatin has outgrown them.

I am now in the midst of making another item from the same book, but I won't be telling yet what it is, as I intend to give this piece away too. When the recipient has received it, I will blog on it for sure! *wink*


snazzynsuch said...

your niece and the booties are so cute!!

Za said...

Thank, Tini!

Love doing them. Might want to do another pair...eerr....ran out of baby nieces though! LOL!

Sufia said...

thanks 4 da cute booties. she'll fit in within 1 mth...and insya Allah i'll upload her pics wearing the booties soon... :D

Emily said...

Hi Nik!
I think I heard about the crazy spin on crochet going on at your end of the world! LOL! Every NNC blog I visit has crochet posts!

The TWO pieces of granny squares are for charity! To be eventually made into blankets.

Tks for dropping by my blog!

eli said...

Kak Nun, the booties are so comel!!! You did the right thing by making the booties larger... at the rate she's growing.. heheh. Feel like pinching her cheeks.