Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Unbelievable and upsetting! Shocking too! That is how I shall describe my reaction when Nadia was announced 5th placing at Saturday night's Akademi Fantasia's final concert.

Tell me, seriously and honestly, did Nubhan and Toi sang better then Nadia last night? Did both of them performed better than Nadia last night? Can they sing and dance like Nadia did last night? Do they possess the powerful voice that Nadia has? Has Nadia ever failed you in any of her performances?

If you answer my questions honestly, and the answers will be a resounding NO! to each and every question. I agree with Adlin that Toi was just a filler for the finals (sorry, fans of Toi), only because the other seven eliminated earlier were far worse off.

Granted that Nubhan deserves to be in the finals due to his.....errr.....so called, unique voice, tone, whatever, but still, he shouldn't be placed better than Nadia. So he sang better last night than he did at any concert since the first concert, but Nadia has never before performed below par. She was always consistently at her best. Nubhan has been at his lowest, Toi has been at the pits. So, for that very reason, both these two guys shouldn't have been placed higher than Nadia.

I agree that Nubhan sang a lot better than he did in most concerts. In fact, that night was probably his best, and I wouldn't be far from wrong if I were to say that it was the ONLY concert that he was good. Nadia was good throughout the season.

Nubhan was lucky that he got a good song, a very good song, in fact. Congrats to the composer and lyrycist. I can imagine myself listening to it over the radio and actually appreciating it. I have always liked ballads, and I give credits where credits are due. Half the battle was won just by having a good song. I always feel that ballads are good for the finals, as these songs tend to go right through your heart, and when performed well, can mesmerised you.

Yes, Nubhan was lucky to be given such a good song, and I agree with one of the bloggers, Eddy Purnama, the song, Ada Untukmu, is what a final song should be. I also agree when Eddy said that this is the best song and the only one that can start climbing the chart on the merit of the song and not the singer. This is the song that will make Nubhan a star. Yes, the song help save Nubhan, and placed him safely where his fans want him to be.

Granted that Nadia can sometimes be `mengada-ngada', and being only 18, she has not learned the skill to make herself more appealing in the eyes of the voters who go more character and personality than talent, but, I thought that our voting public have grown smarter, and wouldn't have let their emotions take over their ability to vote rationally, but, sadly, they did. *sigh* Skills can be acquired, but you have to be born with a voice like Nadia's.

I wish that Nadia was given a ballad song or an 'asli' song, which I am very confident she would be able to carry it very well, and pushing the fence sitters to vote for her. But, instead, she got two up beat songs, which makes her look even more `mengada-ngada' and `gedik'. I was told that fans of Mila did not like the way she carried the song, even though I think she carried it very well, and made it sound like as if it was her own song. Maybe that was it. They didn't like the fact that Nadia made it her song. They wanted the song to only be Mila's. Nadia must have lost 10,000 votes just for making the song hers. *sigh*

Even though I don't much like Stacy's new song, but Stacy did carry the song very well. I must say that the song is very catchy though, and just the kind of song that Stacy can carry off effortlessly. But then again, Stacy can carry all songs given to her with ease.

What mesmerised people to vote for her even more, especially the fence sitters, besides the fact that she always performed well at every concert, was when she performed Atas Nama Cinta, which, like I said, ballads tend to keep you mesmerised and touches your heart easily when performed well.

Oh well, the final concert is over. The winners have been chosen. Now it is time for the reality. I wish all the five finalist, Toi even, all the best.

What I would like to see is for all of them to be succesful. I think we wouldn't have to worry about Stacy because Maestro will take very good care of her. She is their latest pot of gold. Nubhan will make it in this very challenging entertainment world as he has very strong fans who will support him no matter what.

I do hope though that Nuhan will take further singing and vocal lessons so that he can bring out the best of his so called beautiful tone. Who knows, I might just be a fan of his if he can come out with an album that is good. *wink*

I think Riz has no problem too to make it in this industry. He too has very strong fans who will support him in every way they could. It is Nadia that I feel pity for. She has got the talent and the voice, but, like Amelia AF3, sadly, she does not appeal to those who cares more about character than talent.

I do hope that some big recording company will take her, and make her big. I also hope that Nadia will grow up quickly and work on her attitude. Rosma of AF1 was also only 18 when she left the Akademi, and she also suffered the same fate when the voting public did not like her attitude. But, she has improved a lot on her attitude, and she is now much liked by some of the people who once hated her, though she has yet to come out with an album that will make her big. I hope Nadia will not suffer the same fate, and that she will soon come out with a great album.

Good luck, Nadia! Good luck, Stacy, Ris, Nubhan, and Toi!

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Well written. My love to Nadia.