Tuesday, October 07, 2008

To the market

I have always love going to the wet market in Kota Bharu since young because I simply love the sights and sounds of this particular market. It is somehow different from the other wet markets in the other states in Malaysia.

Maybe I am biased since I come from Kota Bharu, but, this wet market has numerous times being featured in many tourism brochures promoting Malaysia to the outside world.

So, this time, when my mum asked me to accompany her to the market to buy stuffs for the feast on Sunday, I went prepared with my camera to take photos of the market in my own version.

Heheh..I must have looked like a lost tourist as I went about taking photos, since I look nothing like a tourist! LOL!

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nikai said...

The uniqueness of Pasar Siti Khadijah is that the big majority (if not all) of the traders are women.