Monday, October 20, 2008

Kieran's last week at

He finally announced officially over the radio today that this week will be his final week at As a loyal listener of Radio, I am sad.

I think those of you who listens to Radio Era will know who I am talking about. In fact, I have mentioned about him before here at my blog when he was half a team of KnK, and again when he was teamed up with AC Mizal and Yasmin Hani.

Then, broke up the team again for the 3rd time and teamed him up with Nana and Adi, until now. I wonder what could be the reason of him leaving since is currently Malaysia's no. 1 radio station. Who woulnd't want to be part of Malaysia's no.1 radio station.

Could he have been not happy with the management of Era or is it because they are not willing to give him a salary to conmmensurate with his experience. He has, after all, been with Era for 9 years, and I am puzzled why he is not made a permanent staff, but remains on contract, or, is that how the radio station works? *shrug*

I wonder why Radio Era is doing nothing about getting him stay on as he does have quite a following. I, for one, only tune it to Radio Era when he is on air. If he is on leave, I would usually tune in to Light and Easy, even from the time when he was with Khairil Rashid, then with AC MIzal & Hani, and then, now, with Adi and Nana.

Adi might be cute *wink*, but it still does not `attract' me to listen to his ramblings in the morning. I find Nana a little shrieky at times. It's still Kiearan that I want to listen to each morning.

Kieran is also slotted at the prime time - morning rush hour, which most radio DJs would eye for, so, why leave Radio Era?

It was rumoured that he might be joining, a `rival' radio station, but he refused to confirm it. If it is true that he is going to, then that is where I will be tuning in my radio from next week onwards. Only, I am wondering which time slot will he be slotted in, since the team of Fara Fauzana and Faisal Ismail on the morning show already has good followings.

To Kieran, I wish him the best of luck in his future undertakings. Hopefully we will find out soon where exactly he will be or what will he be up to after


Nik Adlin Fariz said...

Yup.. Sufia told me that she chatted with Kieran over Facebook. And he confirmed that he's not going to be with Astro. So, what else does he have? takkan dia nak join RTM plak.. The next best place for him is HotFM..

So, next week.. it's 97.6 but donno la wat time..

AbgMan said...

Switch to Light FM n listen to Sarah and PK!