Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hati semendung langit…..

You must be wondering why all of a sudden I am writing in malay, right? LOL! *wink*

Well, for one, it was a very downcast morning that day, indicating that it was going to rain at any minute, and two, there are no words in English that can best describe my feelings that day on Friday, 24th October 2008, as I drive to work in the morning.

In the malay language, when one describes that one is feeling as “mendung” (downcast) as the “langit” (sky), he or she is telling you that he or she is feeling sad, that the heart is feeling as downcast as the sky that is about to pour out it’s contents.

It was Kieran’s last day on the morning show at that Friday morning, and many callers who called in that day to wish him good luck were choked with emotions, even the male callers. And when it was time for Kieran himself to say his goodbyes, he could not control his emotions too, and kept choking several times during his short `speech’.

I could not follow his last day at until the end of his shift as I had to be in a management crisis meeting in the morning *sigh*, but, over the last couple of days have been repeating the recordings of some of the callers, Kieran’s `speech, Nana’s emotional farewell and thank you `speech’, and Adi’s touching tribute to Kieran through a song which I presume was his own composition.

Each time I hear the recording, no matter how many times I have heard it in the last 2 days, I end up being choked with emotions. Well, OK, so I am a very sensitive person who can cry very easily, even when I visit a friend who has just lost someone, despite not even knowing that someone who had just passed away. But, if you have been a loyal listener of and a follower of Kieran from the time he was half a KnK team, I could bet that most of you would have felt as `mendung’ as the ‘langit’ too that day. even had a special KnK reunion that day in the last hour of Kieran’s shift, but, unfortunately, it wasn’t possible for me to tune in during that slot from 9.00 – 10.00am. *sigh* But, I am glad that played the snippets of the slot throughout the day that day and until today. I hope that will play snippets of the other portions of the slot too, because I do so want to hear KnK together once again one last time.

Is that too much to ask from I think not as I think many follower of KnK would want the same thing too.

I am still wondering why Kieran left. From his emotional farewell, he sounded like he really loves working at From the number of callers that called in to wish him luck from that day and until today, and from the strong emotions shown by many of the callers, it proves that he has very strong followers that would like him to stay on, and would miss him dearly on the morning show, including this writer herself *grin*, so why did he leave?

He said that he has much to thank for taking him to become a radio DJ and made him what he is today, but, yet, he left Is he going for greener pastures, as he no longer thinks that can give him what he wants and he wishes to advance in his career which he thinks that will not give him the opportunity to do so?

To say that is asking him to leave because of some `misunderstnding’ might also not be true because dedicated the whole of last week to him starting from Monday with his announcement of his departure, allowing callers to call him throughout the week to wish him good luck, right up to having a KnK reunion as a tribute to those great KnK times. Even their website (see photo below) had a `Thank you’ special dedication just for him. Other DJ’s who left before him was never given such a `tribute’.

If I remember correctly, Nila Kurnia who was dejaying the late night show with Fara Fauzana (now with, was taken off the air suddenly when it was rumoured that she was leaving for a `rival’ radio station, with not even as much as a goodbye. So, what could be the reason for Kieran leaving? Will we loyal followers of Kieran ever know? *sigh*

If the rumour is true that he will be joining, they must be paying him really well for him to leave a radio station that has made him what he is today. An offer so good and so high that probably could not counter offer. has only one intention, and that is to be Malaysia’s number one radio station, and making Kieran, who they know have very strong following, an offer he can’t resist, is only one of the many steps to getting to that number one spot.

On Tuesday, when I drive to work, I am wondering which radio station should I tune in to. Light & Easy with PK and Sara? I think they are `acting’ too much especially when they are about to start the topic of the day, with PK’s wife always becoming the `victim’ for his reason for the topic of that day. LOL! with Fara Fauzana and Faisal Ismail? Nope, I am not a fan of Fara, as I find her a little shrieky sometimes. with Khairil Rashid (half of the KnK team) and err…can’t recall who is his partner? I tried listening to that station once or twice when Kieran was on leave, but it did not appeal to me. I still prefer Khairil with Kieran to form the KnK team again. That would be great, but, yeah, I am biased! LOL!

Oh, well, I am just going to have to find the right radio station all over again to keep me company each morning on my drive to work. Any recommendations?


Asmahani said...

Puan Nik,

I accidentally turned to era that particular morning whilst driving to work, and I nana and adi was singing their tribute song to kieran, and I actually cried along.. sob..sob..

Anonymous said...

well Za..actually Khairil Rashid is working for SINAR fm not SURIA fm hehe..pls note that..and ERA is not as good as the eraly is time for listeners to move on *wink2*